All alone in the Dark with a snoring husband and THIS is what happens

Alone in the dark
Alone in the dark
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So, I’m not really going to go into a lot of detail with this one because I had no intention of ever sharing this with anyone but Shawn and Alex made me share it so they could laugh at it forever – and ever!

Here’s the gist though.

Last night I go up to bed with my laptop to put on something from Netflix to fall asleep to.

The moment I get really comfy and cozy and am choosing my show, Shawn starts SNORING – Loudly.

I’m alone in the dark because obviously Shawn is sleeping and I’m trying to be quiet until I turn on my movie.

The following is what occurs when I try to capture his snoring to show him the next morning… AND, it’s a Silent Film because the moment I pressed RECORD Shawn became a mute!  Enjoy

**I’d like to blame Shawn and Alex for insisting that I not only upload the video to YouTube but that I also write a blog post about it.  

<<<If you watch this on a Cell Phone you can’t see my Comments during the Video>>>


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