And… We sold everything again to travel the world

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At Dockweillers Beach April 2019

Where do I even begin?When we left Seattle September 1st 2016 we NEVER knew what life and the world had in store for us.During the 16 months we traveled with Sam and Alex we went to 22 Countries on 4 Continents which included a month in Sri Lanka to driving the southern coast of Spain and only 4 days in Perth Australia.

We did Housesits, stayed in Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts, AirBnbs and even 1 resort.The kids grew so much in that time – for the better – and so did we.We were able to run our Fragrance business, Scentsy, the entire time remotely which is what provides our income making our lifestyle possible.

We had so many adventures as a family of 4 that will stay with us forever including welcoming a 5th Robinson!

While in Thailand, Shawn and I decided to have another baby. 2 weeks after that decision we found ourselves pregnant. I was 44 and Shawn was 48.We walked all over SE Asia and Eastern/Western Europe pregnant and it was the easiest of my 3 pregnancies by far which was crazy and fantastic.

38 weeks pregnant in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

We nested in Mexico during the last few months of pregnancy to relax and play with Sam and Alex and enjoy our last moments as a family of 4 and to get ready for the next stages in all our lives.

Having fun at a resort across the street from our condo in Playacar

We had Sebastian Walker Robinson on October 5th 2017 in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at our Airbnb condo with our midwife (Aneke) with ease. I had hospital births in the states with Alex and Sam with Epidurals. I’m glad I tried the natural route for sure just so I knew I could do it but this is our last baby! My body is done cooking kiddos.

3 hours old…

Being pregnant completely changed our trip plans. We had no intention of stopping our travels so soon but having a baby changed everything.After he was born Alex left us 6 weeks later to move to Seattle to pursue her career in the Musical Theatre world. She already had opportunities there to direct, teach and perform. She loved the weather and she had friends and family there so for the time being this was a great move for her to build her resume. We can proudly say that she has been 100% supporting herself as a working artist and educator and she’s only 21yrs old.

Alex in Her Tweenland Character

We decided to move to Los Angeles for Sam January 1st 2018. He was 16 and felt ready to pursue his dreams of being a dancer, singer and actor. Sam danced a lot, was in musical (he was Aladdin), part of several musicals including The Black Eyed Peas video BIG LOVE – which we all were in including Babycakes. He has found big success and while we aren’t at liberty to discuss what he’s doing and where he’s doing it… We can say that big things are happening for him and as soon as we can say something…you can trust that I will!!!

The only sad part is that Sam had to move away from us to pursue his dreams. He’s 17yrs old and is a world traveler so he can handle whatever comes his way.

Sam’s last day with us before flying off…

That leaves Shawn and I with this guy.

What can we show and teach this big boy?

Well… We decided to sell everything we’d accumulated for our apartment in Burbank while helping Sam pursue his dreams.We bought a minivan and a trifold foam mattress and all the stuff we needed to camp and travel by car on a summer road trip. At this very moment we are in Wyoming staying in Jackson Hole at a KOA. We have stayed in State Parks, friends homes, motels and even on BLM land – so far. Our plan is to continue hopping around for the summer and then head out of the country with only what we can carry and then put the car in Storage.

Sebastian turns 2 soon and we’d prefer to not pay for 3 transcontinental flights when we can pay for 2 and have him sit on our laps.

Anywho, we sold everything, again, just 18 months after moving to LA. It’s freeing to be able to go wherever we want, whenever we want. We’ve never seen much of the US except the coastal states. Since leaving we’ve been up to San Francisco and back to LA, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Please stay tuned and follow our adventures.

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