Meet The Robinson’s

Meet the Robinson’s

Let’s start with the kids.

Meet the Robinson's - Alex Robinson

Meet Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson
Alex is 18yrs old. She is a High School Graduate who has no desire to attend college as she would prefer to work as an intern or as a professional in Musical Theatre – her passion. She is a talented and accomplished Singer, Actress, Dancer, Director. She has even co-produced and performed in the Next Generation Cabaret with the support of Foundry10. She is excited to travel the world to further her studies but to also explore places, meet people, have experiences and to see where she might want to start off on her own one day. Perhaps she will find her way to her hometown of Seattle or find her home elsewhere. Perhaps she will want to become a traveling performer. The future is wide open for her


Meet the Robinson's - Sam Robinson

Meet Sam Robinson

Meet Sam Robinson
Sam has been dancing since he was almost 10yrs old and is now 14 and starting his freshman year of High School online.  Hip Hop was his passion until he started studying more dance genres. He has been on Competitive dance companies and crews and can’t wait to study dance around the world to further his experience. He also found love of Singing and Acting from watching his big sister and friends on stage in the theatre. He says that summers are for Theatre and the school year is for dancing. Sam is excited to see the world and dance his way around it while trying new things, meeting new people and staying in touch with his friends and family from home.


Time to Meet the Parents.

Meet the Robinson's - Shawn Robinson

Meet Shawn Robinson

Meet Shawn Robinson
Shawn is a lover of experiences. He loves new places, people, things, food, ideas and having something new to see each day. He can’t wait to see what this next year of nomadic family travel brings to all of us. He is a bit of a free spirit but someone who also loves his routines. Ironic no? He is at his best when he gets to interact with people. Every day he goes on at least one walk and one run. He is so excited to get to run and walk in new locations every single day. After being in the same community for 13years things can get very redundant. He is the one who finds activities and things to do on our travels.



Meet the Robinson's - Wendy Robinson

Meet Wendy Robinson

Meet Wendy Robinson
I’m the planner and information hub of the group. I am very easy going in terms of where we go and what we do as long as the logistics work out. I don’t care so much about where we go and what we do as much as I care about just going and doing and seeing and tasting and trying and meeting. Seeing the world through our kid’s eyes is exciting to me. Seeing them grow and learn makes my heart happy. Shawn and I are awesome travel partners. We have a fantastic rhythm and know our parts but we haven’t traveled much with the kids prior to going on this adventures. How will traveling together be? Will we all annoy one another? Get along awesome? Will there be much whining or will it be a love fest? I can’t wait to share it all with you. These people make me laugh, cry, smile, mad, crazy, and more. They entertain me daily and they are all my heart. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and our family unit as we experience the world together.