Son teaches Dad a Musical Theatre Dance Number

Sam teaching Shawn a Dance Number
son teaches dad
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Sometimes the clouds part and the sun beams down here in Washington to put Shawn in a good enough mood that he is willing to allow me to capture moments like this on film – knowing that I will share them online.  Today, was a very sunny day!

Son teaches Dad

Sam’s a dancer (in all genres) and today Shawn took him to his dance studio for just an hour so he could work on all his dance competition pieces on his own.  They call it ‘studio time’.  Shawn had to wait because Sam was only there for an hour today before needing to come home and then leave again for the Theatre where both kids are rehearsing for a special fundraising event called Sing it Forward with the Village Theatre.

Anywho, Shawn decided to go into the dance studio with Sam today.  When they came home, Sam excitedly told me that Daddy actually danced with him.

Shawn was all excited too.  “I was in-sync with Sam some of the time.  It was a really good workout”

I asked what they danced to and they both said it was Sam’s Group Musical Theatre Number he’s in.  Not his Hip Hop routine which is more Shawn’s style but – the Musical Theatre number.

I Totally HAD to see Shawn dancing to this so the following is what Shawn learned today from Sam.  This routine is super ‘not manly’ so I was dying to see them.

We hope you enjoy.  Sam is a fun teacher too isn’t he?  I was dying!


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