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1st Bedroom Closet Purge is complete

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Why do we keep so much crap?  We needed a closet purge badly.  I mean, I don’t think it was crap when we got it but if you never wore it because the top was too tight on your neck or if it just didn’t feel like ‘you’ when you wore it last over 8yrs ago – TOSS IT.

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of our Closet Purge but I did take pictures of our closet ‘after’ and the bags full of clothes to sell and donate in the garage.

Here’s what we did for our closet purge

I stood in the closet and Shawn stood outside of it with Garbage bags.  1 bag was for stuff to sell or give away and another was for garbage only.

Shawn had been avoiding the closet purge for a very long time so we decided that I would hold up every item and he’d have 2 seconds to say something to save it and if he did want to keep it but I knew he hadn’t worn it in over a year, I overruled him.  He has the Long Side of the Closet because he has way more clothes than I do.  This side was PACKED tight on the rack and almost all the way to the ceiling on the shelf.

closet purge
Shawn’s Side of the Closet

It was actually a fun game, freeing and we needed more garbage bags!

On my side I did the same.  If I wasn’t sure about something Shawn was the deciding factor and told me to keep or toss it depending on if he liked me in it.  My side of the closet is kind of dinky and ‘sad’ compared to Shawn’s.

closet purge
Wendy’s Closet Rack

Then we went through our Dressers.  We needed more bags – again.

Shawn had a gazillion shirts that just needed to go.  I didn’t really  have much to go this round other than my old ‘fat’ clothes that I was hanging onto just to show how far I’d come.  But, I don’t need them, I can just look in a mirror.

closet purge
The PURGED items that will be donated or sold

Our Closet Purge was truly freeing. Also, it was the first big step we’ve taken to downsize our personal possessions in preparation of our world travels.

It was exciting to realize that we were really doing ‘this’.  It’s scary exciting too.  Like, what will we do without all our ‘stuff’? What if we need something? Um – we aren’t going to be living in a jungle where we have to make our own clothes out of animals we kill and skin or leaves we weave together.  We are only going to be travelling the world and can purchase the ‘stuff’ we need wherever we are staying at that time.

Besides, Shawn and I aren’t big spenders.  We don’t shop for ourselves much so most of our clothing is well worn and not new.  The idea of being able to ditch most of our possessions for some more updated clothing while travelling sounds AWESOME!

I don’t want all of our bags to be packed full, I want room to add to them and when we get things, to then donate something we don’t need/want any longer.

We will keep some clothing in our storage unit but we will have one more purge later this summer when we also do the kids clothing purge.





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