5 House Sitting assignments Booked so far

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We are 42 days away from our September 1st date of being homeless! We can’t wait to begin our House Sitting assignments around the world.

We’ve had video conference calls with all of our confirmed house sits except #4 because they’ve been on Holiday. It’s awesome to do this because you feel like you get to know one another and see if it’s a good fit. Everyone has been awesome so far and we just never thought this would be a reality even though we told the kids it was happening no matter what.

When you have a dream – go for it. Really. Don’t settle. Follow Through. Make it happen. Don’t just dream – LIVE YOUR DREAM. Life it too short to settle or live each day on rinse and repeat. Live is for living and exploring so go see the world.

We use Trusted Housesitters to find our Housestitting assignments.

Here’s our confirmed schedule of house sitting assignments so far – starting off in England:England house sitting assignments

  1. Heywood – September 6th-20th
  2. Cannock – September 20th-28th
  3. South Sheffield – October 1st-16th
  4. Great Missenden – October 23rd – November 11th

Thailand HousesitWe still need to find House Sitting gigs for a week between #3 & #4 and then figure out what to do before our 5th gig that starts December 17th in Chiang Mai Thailand.

We know we will be there by the 14th so we can check out the area a bit and hang out with our cool homeowners Jessica and Dan and get the lay of the land before they leave. We are staying in Chiang Mai until January 5th 2017.

Before we leave the UK for SE Asia we want to see Ireland and Scotland and hopefully a little bit of Wales. If we can’t find any house sitting assignments then we will just find our own way around and see where we end up but, new sits pop up all the time.

Our hope is that we can also go somewhere very special for the kids on their birthday week – December 5th & 9th. They turn 15 & 19 so wait to see what we have planned for them. We are thinking somewhere WARM and EXOTIC.

We will be coming back to Europe to hit Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece & hopefully Germany – in the Spring after visiting Australia and New Zealand.

We also want to spend about a month in New York and parts of the East coast to visit friends and sight see. DC and Boston are definitely places we must hit as well as seeing if we can get down to North Carolina. This was Alex’s #1 request as she wants to see if she wants to move to NYC to pursue the theatre. Who knows? Maybe she will end up going back to London, Sydney or find that she falls in love with NYC. Perhaps she will follow us wherever we go, travel on a cruise ship, go back to Seattle and settle down? The world is full of possibilities for her.

Then…we are headed to California for a month for Sam. His dream has been to live in LA and pursue his dance, singing and acting. I have a feeling that this is where we will land after heading back to Seattle to visit my family and see where we are going next. Maybe Sam will have found that England is where he wants to be instead. There are a LOT of other places he has wanted to see like South Korea, Philippines and all over South America.  We shall see.

Whatever happens…it’s exciting to know that in just over a month we will be homeless and be able to see the world.

WE CAN’T WAIT TO EXPLORE the world on our house sitting assignments and have you follow along on our adventures.


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