A Decade of Reflection

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In Japan, where we are at the moment, it’s already Noon on New Years Day.

I took a few minutes to reflect over this past year as well as decade. In all of my 46 years, I know that the last 10 were my most complex.

I had more growth as a person, a mom, a wife, a business owner and as a friend.

We went from being broke and in a very dark place to traveling the world full-time and making many dreams come true.

We went from a family of 4 to a family of 5 and… I did it naturally, in Mexico, with a midwife – on the side of my bed in our Airbnb! I never knew, or even thought I could (or would) have another kiddo at 44 nor do it the way we did.

I never thought we’d become Nomadic and leave everything we knew to set off and live the way Shawn and I were meant to. We’ve now been to over 30 Countries on 4 Continents and counting. Sebastian is only 2 yet he’s more well traveled than I was by 40 years old.

I divorced my family (parents and brother) and chose myself. This was both Amazingly freeing and a healthy decision, in addition to being painful and sad. It’s something I have dealt with over the past 5 years (as well as off and on most of my life). 10 months ago I finally said Enough. I was done.

We have built amazing friendships and even created some super close Framily relationships with old and new friends. These special people are very important to us and I am so grateful to have them in our lives.

I even met a 1st cousin who is basically my shorter doppelganger and, we have a lot in common. Thank you DNA Tests!

I also love that I was able to rebuild a close friendship with someone who was my best friend for many years.

We said goodbye to our 17 year old 6 months ago and sent him to a foreign country, all by himself, to pursue his dreams.

We saw our daughter pursue her goals and dreams and are so proud of who she is as a human being and, we watched her make hard decisions and choose herself and self-care.

I got my first and only Tattoo on Alex’s 18th Birthday. It’s a compass with all of our initials and an R for Robinson in the center. It was to remind us that no matter where we all were in the world…we were always connected and would be there for one another always and forever. Now all I have to do is add Shibby into it somehow while keeping it symmetrical because I’m anal.

I have evolved with Shawn and have 10 more years of growing up together as individuals, parents and partners in life. I couldn’t be more proud of all we have built together and how we work each day on communication so we don’t kill one another since we are both ‘special’. All joking aside though, to both grow in the same direction is a gift. We both love the life we’ve built for ourselves and our marriage, friendship and love is deeper than ever.

This last year was a huge change for our entire family. All of us are living our lives to the fullest.

I hope to see this post next year, and in 10 years, and reflect. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for our family individually, and as a unit.

The other day I asked Shawn what the best day of his life was. I wanted to see if it matched mine.

Some of the options we had both discussed were the day we met; The day Alex was born; Our wedding day; etc. All of these were amazing days of course.

No. We both agreed that the best day of our lives was September 1st, 2016 – when we got on that Bolt Bus leaving Seattle to start our Nomadic Travels. It was a life-changing day for both of us and for our kids.

That day put us all on a trajectory that would alter our lives forever while bringing in a new life!.

The past decade has been crazy and amazing. We can’t wait for the next one. Bring it!

Happy New Decade to you all!


25 thoughts on “A Decade of Reflection”

  1. I love this self reflection. We all have struggles and good times and you sure encompass all, but sounds like you came out ahead and in a great place. Kuddos. That’s awesome you travel full time, my dream.

  2. Very inspiring story! I love that you and your husband were able to come together and agree to live this lifestyle. I can only imagine the look mine would give me if I suggested it lol. He looks at me funny when I say I want to change careers after taking on so much student loan debt. I love that you guys are living life according to the rules you set for yourself. Best of luck and love in the next decade!!`

    1. Thanks Brooklyn. We’ve been together almost 24 years now and after seeing how many of our friends are not in sync as their lives transitioned, we are both very thankful that we are in alignment for sure.

  3. What a fabulous tribute to your past decade. I love following along on your adventures…appreciate your insight, authenticity and humor. Excited to see where your path takes you in the new year.

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