A Serbian Notary, Translator, jerky Toddler and a huge Puddle…oh my!

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UPDATE as of 2/14/2020 :
Still dealing with this BS… So, we sent our daughter the Notarized Documents and she brought them to the DMV in Seattle. The only issue is that she now needs to get a Serbian Translator in Seattle to re-translate what was translated…into English so that the DMV can verify that we did, in fact, give our daughter authorization to register our car on our behalf. Stay tuned.

Two weeks ago…

Over a week in the making…here is how trying to get a simple, one-page Limited Power of Attorney notarized so our daughter can register our car from one state to another (so she can drive it while we are traveling the world) turned out. Also, Shawn hates foreign water.. See how it almost ruined his, and my, day and how our toddler was a jerk.


4 thoughts on “A Serbian Notary, Translator, jerky Toddler and a huge Puddle…oh my!”

    1. Well, the real issue now is…will the Washington State DMV accept a Serbian Notarized document with their English copy attached but not notarized directly? Will we have to travel to the UK (an English speaking country) and have them notarize instead to get the car registered? Whew!

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