About Wendy

My name is Wendy Robinson.

I’m a Wife & Mom, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and more.

This is my blog. I share What I think. My views. The Original Recipes that I create, cook and bake and want to share.

Our family ditched ur stuff, except or hat e ould arry, and et out on an adventure September 1, 2016 which took us to 22 Countries on 4 Continents in just 16 months.

Along the way we had another kiddo, Sebastian, and as of July 2019 Alex lives in Seattle fully supporting herself in the Musical Theatre community. Sam is in another country at 17yrs old working on fulfilling his dreams of being a Singer and Dancer.

That leaves us with Sebastian who turns 2 in October 2019.

We were in LA for 17 months to help Sam follow his dreams and now they he has we gave away everything we accumulated in that time and hit the road…in our van.

Our #HomelessOnPurpose travels with a toddler are fun to share. Please enjoy seeing the world through my eyes. I try to share Shawn and Sebastian’s views as well.

Also, I update our Facebook Family Travel Page regularly so go LIKE it!

Want to Meet The Robinson’s?

Together we’ve created a beautiful and fun life for our little family along with a business that has enabled us to be Full Time Work from Wherever Parents.

We hope you enjoy our site!

I will warn you that I swear. I am colorful. I have lots of opinions that you might disagree with or even find offensive. You also might love me. I might write things that you have been thinking or feeling and you are like YES, there is someone else out there who thinks like me.

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate you for stopping by.


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