And… We sold everything again to travel the world

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Where do I even begin? When we left Seattle September 1st 2016 we NEVER knew what life and the world had in store for us. Selling everything we owned to travel, and see the world with no end date, is crazy right?

During the 16 months we traveled with Sam and Alex we went to 22 Countries on 4 Continents which included a month in Sri Lanka, driving the southern coast of Spain and a very expensive 4 days in Perth Australia.

We did Housesits, stayed in Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts, Airbnb’s and even resorts. The kids grew so much during this time, and so did we.

Shawn and I were able to run our business, Scentsy, The Safest Candles, the entire time remotely, which is what provides the income that makes our lifestyle possible.

We had so many adventures as a family of 4 that will stay with us forever – including welcoming a 5th Robinson!

While in Thailand, Shawn and I decided to have another baby after we had a pregnancy scare! That’s an entire story in itself which I’ll write about another time.

2 weeks after that decision we found ourselves pregnant. I was 44 and Shawn was 48. We felt like we had super sperm and eggs since we were so oldand managed to get pregnant so easily. There was no turning back now!

We walked all over SE Asia and Eastern/Western Europe with me pregnant. It was the easiest of my 3 pregnancies by far – which is crazy and fantastic. Also, this was the thinnest of all my pregnances. I was 282lbs when Sam was born and 250 with Alex. This time I was 180lbs

38 weeks pregnant in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

We nested in Mexico during the last few months of pregnancy to relax, play with Sam and Alex and enjoy our last moments as a family of 4 and – to get ready for the next stages in all our lives.

Having fun at a resort across the street from our condo in Playacar

We had Sebastian Walker Robinson on October 5th 2017 in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at our Airbnb condo with our midwife (Aneke) au natural. It was an easy birth but a bitch to recover from because my body is older and doesn’t snap back as easy as my 20 something self did.

I had hospital births in the States with Alex and Sam with Epidurals and all that modern technology offered me. I’m glad I tried the natural route just so I knew I could do it but, this is our last baby! My body is done cooking kiddos.

3 hours old…

Being pregnant completely changed our trip plans. We had no intention of stopping our travels so soon but having a baby changed everything.

After Sebstian was born, Alex left us 6 weeks later to move back to Seattle to pursue her career in the Musical Theatre world. She was almost 20yrs old and through our travels she had come to the realization that nonolace was like Seattle. There were opportunities there to direct, teach and perform. She loved the weather and had friends and family there so for the time being this was a great move for her to build her resume and start her adult phase of life. We can proudly say that she has been 100% supporting herself as a working artist and educator ever since and, she’s only 21yrs old.

Alex as Her Tweenland Character

Shawn and I decided to move to Los Angeles for Sam a arrived January 1st 2018. He was 16 and felt ready to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer, singer and actor. Sam danced a lot while in LA. He was in the musical Aladdin (he was cast as Aladdin), part of several music videos including The Black Eyed Peas video BIG LOVE – which we all were in including Sebastian and lots of other gigs including a couple Jojo Siwa videos… do you know Jojo with the Bow Bow from Dance Mom’s?

I worked as Sam’s Momager and agent and together we found most of his opportunities, including the big one that was a year in the making and has now changed his life.

We aren’t at liberty to discuss what Sam’s doing and where he’s doing it right now but, we can say that big things are happening for him. As soon as we can say something you can trust that I will!!!

The only sad part is that Sam had to move away from us to pursue his dreams. He’s 17yrs old and is a world traveler so he can handle whatever comes his way.

Sam’s last day with us before flying off…

That leaves Shawn and I with this guy.

What can we show and teach this big boy?

Well… We decided to sell everything we’d accumulated for our apartment in Burbank while helping Sam pursue his dreams. Most everything was 2nd hand or alleyway finds. We’d learned our lesson after selling all our crap the first time. We were so happy to get moving again.

In December, our old car died a sad death, we purchased a new Minivan. We decided to keep it and try a summer road trip as we would take a loss if we tried to sell it. We bought a trifold foam mattress and all the stuff needed (um…way to much stuff like a folding shovel an axe that have never been used) to camp and travel by car for summer. I’m writing this post from Jackson Hole Wyoming at a KOA.

We have stayed in State Parks, friends homes, motels and even on BLM land – so far. Our plan is to continue hopping around for the summer and then head out of the country with only what we can carry. The car will be put in Storage.

Anywho, we sold everything, again! Just 18 months after moving to LA and we managed to make his dreams come true in a major way. For us no…we are free.

We can go wherever we want, whenever we want. We’ve never explored much of the US except the coastal states so we were looking forward to a new adventure.

Since leaving we’ve been up to San Francisco and back to LA, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Please stay tuned and follow our adventures.

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33 thoughts on “And… We sold everything again to travel the world”

  1. Sebastian is adorable and I love his amber necklace! Moose and I have talked so much about selling everything and hitting the road, we know that’s part of our future plan. Reading this just fanned that flame. LOL

  2. Your son really does look like Aladdin! That is cool your older children love theater and have such great opportunities!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed by all you guys have done, including having that cute little boy while traveling. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to travel in a camper van. Seems like such a cool way to travel.

    1. It was fun some of the time to travel with the van. Set up was easy and only took about 30-45 minutes to put up and take down at each campsite but after a while we were kind of just done. We’d do it again but we definitely needed a break

    1. I can’t recommend it enough for kids that age especially. Our kids were 14 and 18 when we left but our 14yr old was most changed by our travels. I’m sure your kids were too

  4. Wow…your story is crazy and awesome at the same time! Your children have a super cool mom and dad! Gonna enjoy following you around on your adventures!

    1. You know, we enjoyed our time in the states this summer but we do prefer to explore outside the country. We like struggling with languages, seeing different cultures and foods and just even getting around.

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