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Best Travel Water Bottle you never knew about

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Have you ever bought a water bottle thinking – THIS is going to be the ONE?

I’ve done it many many times. I’ve also been disappointed by all of our past water bottles until I found the Embrava Water Bottle.

This bad boy pours out a small spout that doesn’t splash all over your face. My toddler can easily put his mouth around it and can drink without getting his shirt and face soaked. And that little hole above the spout helps the water flow freely. Just don’t tip it to far or water will come out and get ya in the eye.

It LOCKS!!! If I want to put it in my backpack or sons diaper bag or even just to lock my son out from pouring it everywhere or drinking from it… this is magical.

It’s also BPA Free, tinted for sunblocking, has almost 5000 4.5 Star reviews AND this is my 2nd bottle I’ve ordered because I left my last one carelessly on top of an ATM Machine in Los Angeles. I was so mad at myself.

Again, I’ve used everything from crappy Target water bottles that smell like Rubber, leaky ones, tossable grocery store bottles, the glass bottles you can only get at places like Whole Foods so I can save the environment (except if you drop it it breaks and those glass water bottles are heavy.

But, one of my favorite features is the strap! I hang it on our stroller, on my wrist when we go on walks without it, I’ve clipped it onto bags, etc. I just can’t say enough about this water bottle.

The flip top lid is great and This water bottle doesn’t get stinky like so many others I’ve had or the rubber rings get stretched or worn out over time causing leaks. This bottle doesn’t leak.

Not sure what I’ll do if I lose this one while traveling as I have only ever found it on Amazon. Check it out if you want the Best Travel Water Bottle I’ve even found and used. BUY HERE


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