Bistro 2 in Belgrade Serbia was a different experience

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We wanted dinner that was on our diets tonight (NSNG – No Sugar, No grains – Like Keto but a bit different) and it was my turn to pick where we’d go.

It was cold, and foggy, so we wanted a place that was only a few blocks away from our AirBnb.

I found a place that had 4.6 stars on Google and people were raving about their domestic homemade sausages (locally sourced) and their stuffed Chicken (Chicken Kajmak).

We bundled up and headed out. It was a 6 minute walk but with a Toddler it became a 10 minute walk. It was in an odd location at the end of a dead end side street at the base of another building.

We walked in and found a table that looked like there were fewer smokers near it. 98% of all restaurants in Belgrade allow smoking and…even if they have a non-smoking section it’s really not ventilated or in a separate location as the smoking table could be next to you. Even the non-smoking areas with signs still have ashtrays on tables.

Anyway, a gentleman approached us and asked us what we’d like. I asked for a menu and he apologized and stated that they don’t have one…


“So, um… uh… I saw your Sausages online. Can we have some of those?”

He then started asking us questions about what we like and Shawn showed him a few photos online of things we wanted. After chatting we basically asked him to determine how much of each item to bring us that would be appropriate servings. We didn’t even know how much everything cost so… it was kind of a fun experience.

He brought out some Pickled Cabbage, per our request, as well as some Roasted Red peppers (a surprise) which were amazing. I could’ve eaten more. We also had some bread delivered.

Pickled Cabbage
Roasted Red Peppers with fresh garlic and parsley

I handed Sebastian a piece of bread because he kept chanting “I Hungry” while rubbing his belly. He’s got a hollow leg and is always hungry. The bread was so crispy and beautifully made I had to take a bite and cheat…on my diet. I’m not going to say I regret it – because I don’t. The bread was delicious!

Amazing bread

Then, our meats arrived. WOW.

Hamburger with bacon on top, domestic sausages, Chicken Kajmak, and some grilled chicken

We were instructed to cut very slowly and carefully into the Chicken ball as it would squirt us. We waited a bit to open it as we had to get some hamburger and chicken on Sebastian’s plate before he passed out from hunger. 😉

When a toddler stuffs meat that fast into their mouth and demands MORE and MORE… you know you are going to love it too.

After I placed enough food on his plate to keep him fed for 2 minutes, I tried the Hamburger. It was a mix of Beef and Pork and the flavors were fantastic. Really. This was my favorite meat on the plate and I had expected the Sausage to be my favorite.

I was bummed that we hadn’t ordered more hamburger because Sebastian ate my entire portion – Shawn and I split everything down the middle.

Then I tried the Sausage. It was great. Next up, the Chicken. Very flavorful and tender.

Lastly, the Chicken ball. I cut into it carefully and it did squirt. I managed to cut it in half without getting anyone messy.

I looked up Kajmak online. It’s a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream, made from the milk of water buffalos, cows, sheep, or goats in Central Asia, some Balkan countries, some Caucasus countries, Turkic regions, Iran and Afghanistan.

Chicken Kajmak was delicious. I used the buttery oils from the cheese on the pan to sop up a bit of bread. If I wasn’t trying to watch my carb intake I would’ve happily eaten the entire loaf of bread on our table. It was all so good.

The other patrons were all men. I was the only female there at the time. Everyone was happy and enjoying lively conversations. There was a TV on with a Pool match and one patron had his dog with him. The dog was wandering freely and saying HI to everyone in case food might be dropped or offered. The pooch really enjoyed Sebastian…

Anyway, the total bill came to 2070 DNR which was about $19.50 USD. WOW. What a deal. We happily paid and gave a great tip. If we were staying in this area longer we would definitely go back.

If you happen to come to Belgrade, Serbia we highly suggest checking out

Bistro 2

Pančićeva 20, Beograd.

Phone: 011 2186956


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