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We booked our first House Sitting gig!

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We are SOOOOO Excited to announce that we booked our first House Sitting assignment!

For over a year we researched various sites and ways to travel the world in a way that was not only cheap but also safe and allowed us to live like locals and mingle.

This was SUPER Important to us.

When Shawn and I travel our favorite thing to do is to mingle and get to know the area and locals. A few days somewhere with us plopped in a touristy area or staying in a hotel – doesn’t really allow us this opportunity.

After a lot of research we settled on the idea of booking house sitting assignments with Trusted Housesitters.  It’s an international community of Home Owners (most with pets) looking for House sitters to watch over the home and care for their pets in exchange for free accommodations. It’s really a win win situation for both parties.

Here’s our cute profile…wouldn’t you want to book us?house sitting

The upside is for the home owners. There are an abundance of house sitters applying to house sits. That means the downside is for the sitters.  US.

We didn’t really expect that there would be as much competition as there was to get our first assignment. When we signed up, we were SO Excited. We didn’t care where we started as long as it was the beginning of September and lasted 2-4 weeks.  Personally, I preferred to start in a country that speaks English just for ease of transition for the kids and myself.  Shawn was good to go anywhere. I’m planning for all of us and our first sit needed to be an easy transition.

I started applying for sits last week.  CRICKETS.

Worse than crickets. People weren’t even reading our email applications. The site tells you if the messages are read or not.

So, I started tweaking my application emails. This time I was seeing that some messages were being read…but still, no response.

I’m not gonna lie. House sitting is a BIG part of our travel plan. I was stressing out big time thinking that ‘this’ wouldn’t work. We would need to change plans. Revamp. I didn’t want to do that. This was the plan Shawn and I saw for our family.

I haven’t slept well the past few nights. This morning Shawn asked me how long do we keep trying to book a house sit before we change our plans. I said we can give ourselves up to June 15th before we need to make a change. VOMIT!

A few days ago I just started submitting applications everywhere I could when the dates worked for us AND I sort of begged for someone to give us our first house sit. We had to appeal to their heartstrings.

Last night I received our first turn down. It was a lovely letter and very kind.  I thanked them for responding as this alone made me think that at least people are getting our submissions. Finally.

This morning I received another turn down.  Again, a lovely message turning us down in the nicest way.

Then, at 11am I received an email from a wonderful family near Manchester England.  I just wanted to share a little of her response to our application:

“I am a firm believer that everyone needs to start somewhere and would love to offer you and your family a our home for the duration of our holiday. I would like if possible for us to keep in contact so we can get to know each other better if that is ok with you.”



I told Shawn and the kids.  We were all so excited. I asked them all if this is where we want to start our journey and they all said YES!

We booked our first House Sitting gig! We started looking up the area. How far was their home to Manchester and then to Liverpool? Alex has a friend starting school there this fall and she can’t wait to tell her so they can hook up. Sam started looking at Dance studios. We looked at the town with Google Earth and Sam excitedly noticed that there was a Domino’s Pizza and a Subway! American fast food spoke his love language.

Then the reality set in for Sam. His face totally dropped. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he sort of thought that maybe our plans would fall through and that we’d just go live somewhere else like Los Angeles – his dream location. I explained, AGAIN, that after our year of travel we will go where he wants. If he’s ready to settle in LA then that’s where we’ll go. If he wants to go back to the UK or some other place he loved or just keep traveling – then that’s what we’ll do. Heck, I even told him that if traveling isn’t as much fun as we thought it would be then we can always change our plans and go settle somewhere – just not in Washington.

He felt better but I think he felt what we all did.  WOW. This is really happening! For REALZ. It’s not just talk any longer. We are doing this.

We’ve been selling all of our possessions little by little but now I need to get moving, get rid of everything.

For our first house sitting assignment we will be caring for 3 doggies that have very fun personalities. We are all so excited and just had to share.

Learn more about Trusted Housesitters 



2 thoughts on “We booked our first House Sitting gig!”

  1. This is so exciting! I’m looking forward to following along with all your adventures!!!

    Maybe our families will visit Costa Rica at the same time! 😉

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