Budapest Bar beer recupping policy

Budapest Bars have Beer Recupping policy. What is this?

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If you are a traveler who likes to have a beer every now and again, and you visit Budapest, you need to listen up!

My husband, Shawn, likes to go out once a week (wherever we may be) and go out to a pub, bar or club to have a drink and meet new people. On his first adventure out in Budapest he, and his new friend from Poland he’d just met, Piotr, struggled with the idea of all the bar’s Beer Recup policy.

What is recupping you ask? Watch the video below and we will educate you. If you prefer to read about it then skip the video (but the video is funnier).

So, Beer Recupping is where you walk into a bar and ask for a beer. If you don’t already have a special Plastic coin, saved from your last night out, which is used to get a free cup for your beer, you have to pay 300 Forint (the equivalent of a US $1.00) PLUS the cost of your beer.

This is your cup for the night at this bar/pub. Each time you return for a new beer, you then only pay the price of the beer so they can refill your cup.

When you leave for the night you return the cup and are given a plastic token which you can use at any of the other pubs who have recup policies. No refund for returning the cup!

We’ve read that some bars who participate in recupping donate a portion of their cup fees to charities but we aren’t really 100% sure if this is the case or which charities benefit.

What do you think? Do you like this policy? Would you try to take your cup home or keep the coin as a souvenir? Would you want your money back instead of a plastic token?


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