Bus Stop People Watching

Bus Stop People watching

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There you are, sitting in your car at a stoplight and across the street is a bus stop with no bench or cover.  You see a gal sitting on the ground, smoking her cigarette, legs wide open blocking the entire sidewalk and she picks her nose.

That would be called ‘bus stop people watching’

Shawn and I coined this phrase a few years ago after seeing some crazy shit and people doing it – at bus stops.

And, before you get all bajiggity because “You” ride the bus – we probably aren’t referring to you.  We are talking about seeing the ‘special people’.  We don’t even notice you.

Not all are the same.  Sometimes it’s just watching 2 guys make a drug exchange, a prostitute with her fur collared hood down open for business, a guy screaming across the street at the hot chick walking down the block who is so flattered that this fella thinks she’s hot that she is now yelling back to him with her own cat calls.

This is the stuff that makes my entire day.

Now that I’ve told you about bus stop people watching you will really start to notice what,s happening at all the stops around you as you drive or even park.

You’re welcome!


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