Nomad Family Travel

Our Family is going on a world wide adventure starting September 1st 2016. Find out all of our plans, what we are learning as we prepare, how hard it is to SELL all our possessions because we have so much stuff – and MORE.. There is SO much to do and prepare for: suitcases, belongings and more we are hoping to bring with us. Where we want to go. What we want to see. Why we are going. Follow our adventures. #TravelingRobinsons

Online Public School - 8th and 12th Graders

Online Public School Questions and Answers FAQs

People ask us questions all the time about our kids doing online public school from home.  I thought I’d put together some of the most common questions and answers for you in this awesome FAQ   June 2016 UPDATE Alex Graduated High School on June 13th officially although she completed all of her courses weeks earlier. She …

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