Time for a change and become minamalists

Change and experiences are what we crave, not more stuff

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If you want to understand more about why we are planning to change our lives so drastically then Watch this short trailer for The Minimalists, a Documentary.

This is what we are doing with our lives. Originally our plan didn’t start out with cutting down on our ownership of things but rather the desire to see the world and constantly have new experiences.

We have evolved through the process of preparing for our departure and world travels.

We want less. We are Minimizing. Freeing ourselves from the suffocation of our Things. We are now just 150 days away from our September 1st adventure start date and we have just finished our first big garage sale purge. Our storage unit has been emptied and Shawn just headed out to the Salvation Army with years with of belongings that can now be used by others. Next up – going through the house and purging.

Time for a change and become minamalists
Time for a change and become minamalists

Why did we store all this crap?

It sounds kind of weird to say it’s freeing but with each thing I sold this weekend and each person who asked me if we were moving or just doing spring cleaning – they totally got excited for us and told us of their adventures or how they wished they could do what we are doing.

I told Shawn last night that I really enjoyed chatting with people. I’m so excited to just go out into the world with just a backpack and carry on luggage and start seeing and meeting people. Experience different cultures. See the world through our kid’s eyes. Begin LIVING.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve lived. However, I was that kid who moved her room around every single week always wanting a change. When I met Shawn, he was that way as a kid too. Both our kids, especially Sam, are like this as well. We only recently realized that we LOVE change yet we have been living in the same area for 11yrs and, have lived in Washington our whole lives – except for me, I’ve lived here since I was 5.

We NEED change.  We need more from life and also want to give more to others lives. By having experiences.

Change is good.  Most people seem to prefer to build strong foundations and live in one place their entire lives and have their family around them too. Like my parents for example.  They love having roots and like to have a place they call home.  The idea of even travelling for more than a month and not sleeping in their own beds for more than a week or two are absolutely not an exciting or positive thought.  Most people want permanence and ownership.  Their plot in the world.

We’ve always been renters.  Neither of us has have had a desire to own a home or have awesome cars.  We use cars to get around.  We live to have a place to call our own for sure but we’ve never dreamt of having a dream house or anything. Shawn and I have had permanence our entire lives and now we are ready to live another way and see if it enhances our life or makes us wistful for permanence again.

We we shall see won’t we? Stay tuned to our planning and adventures.

Oh, and we have only 6 boxes stored in our Storage unit now. It was filled.  Now it’s time to go through the house and start saving only the things we will for sure need if we settle down somewhere again.


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