Food is Medicine Hummus and fresh veggies plate

1 Cheat Day a week keeps you going

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I hate saying the word ‘cheat’ when it comes to eating. I really do. Food is Medicine. We know that eating a twinkie, for example, is a gluttonous decision – not one of nourishment.

Twinkies, chips, pie, brownies, muffins, cookies, candy, etc.

We know they aren’t healthy yet we crave them.  We pretend that the ‘healthy’ apples in an apple pie make up for the delicious, buttery flaky crust and the sugars it’s laden with.  Um, it’s healthy cuz Its got fruit in it! I’ve done it too…you are in good company.

When you are feeling hungry it’s so much easier to grab a bag or box of a snack that is instantly available BUT if you just take 5 minutes to cut up some fresh veggies and grab some organic hummus, add a little olive oil and a sprinkle of paprika – you have a healthy, delicious and satisfying snack.

Food is Medicine Hummus and fresh veggies plate
Hummus and fresh veggies plate

Now, I’m not gonna say that a bag of chips isn’t tasty (they are deliciously salty and wonderful) but when you truly believe that Food is Medicine – you have to make the better choice for your body.

My family (3 out of the 4 of us ain’t bad) have committed to the Food is Medicine for 6 days of the week with Sunday being our one day to stray and have that slice if pie or eat out. This was what we had as a family feast after going to the Movies and eating Popcorn image

On your 1 cheat meal a week though grab a handful of chips or have a couple cookies or whatever it is that you have craved all week.

Don’t go crazy though and eat this way all day but instead eat one meal and a treat you’ve been craving.

Then go back to focused eating for the next 6 days. I mean…if you believe in God he even took the 7th day to rest. If it’s good enough for a god then be a badass for 6, off for 1 – unless you don’t feel like you need that day off for a ‘cheat’


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