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The City Cafe in Edinburgh Scotland is a Must Eat! De

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The City Cafe was just around the corner from our Hostel in Edinburgh Scotland.

The only reason we came here initially was for the WiFi. We didn’t expect this little diner with so many food options, to be very good. We’ve found that a lot of restaurants all over the UK aren’t very good when they don’t specialize in specific types of fare.

Our 2nd morning in Edinburgh we had breakfast here. It was DELICIOUS.

I had Eggs Benedict Florentine and was wary because I’m a total snob about my hollandaise sauce. It was great. Really. Our 14yr old ordered the Waffles, Our 18yr old ordered the French Toast and my hubby ordered the Porridge/Oatmeal.

Eggs Benedict Florentine from the City Cafe
Eggs Benedict Florentine
French Toast with Bacon from the City Cafe
French Toast with Bacon
Porridge / Oatmeal
Porridge / Oatmeal from the City Cafe
The City Cafe Waffles

The thing about their food is that even the garnishment is not just for show. it’s delicious. See the little bits of micro greens on my plate? They had a delicious vinaigrette. YUM!

The next day we headed back for an early lunch as we didn’t eat breakfast and had slept in. Shawn, my husband, had seen that there was an eating challenge for £30 which is almost $40 USD. It’s called the Ultimate Burger Challenge.

Shawn seeing the enormity of his meal for the Ultimate Burger Challenge
Shawn seeing the enormity of his meal for the Ultimate Burger Challenge
See how big the platter and meal are compared to my hand!
See how big the platter and meal are compared to my hand!

To say that this meal was ridiculously large is an understatement. Sometimes we think we are invincible, as did my husband that day. He honestly thought he would finish it and eat for free, get his picture taken and walk away with a T-Shirt.

He was pretty much out in the first 15 minutes of the hour long challenge. Don’t take this challenge on. Really, it’s tough. Not impossible for the right person but you pretty much need to eat an entire cow nightly to be able to accomplish this task.

I had the Traditional breakfast. Alex had the French Toast again. Sam had pancakes.

We also ordered Haggis. Our mission was to eat this Scottish dish before we left the Country. We video taped our responses. It was just okay, I would never order it again but I’m sure it’s not the City Cafe’s poor cooking but rather they probably cooked this dish very well… we just didn’t like the texture. The flavor was okay.

We would go there again in a heartbeat.

They do have free WiFi, but it’s pretty weak. Go there for the food, not the WiFi. We give it 4 Thumbs up!

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