Cooking With Wendy

I love to eat.  My family loves to eat.  I bet you love to eat too.  We tried every diet and way of eating that there is and because of this I’ve become sort of a self-proclaimed nutritionist, chef and baker.

We try our best to only eat Organic and GMO Free and unprocessed but sometimes you just can’t eat out and stick with this plan and really, sometimes I just want an Oreo or something that is completely not good for me.

Cooking With Wendy
Me in my tiny Kitchen – Cooking

I can make anything taste good whether it’s Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Raw (my least favorite), Paleo / Caveman, Candida, Sugar-Free, auto-immune, Somersize and Adkins.  This is where Cooking With Wendy originated.  People wanted my recipes.

We’ve tried every style of eating to figure out what makes our bodies happiest and what we’ve found is that a Vegetarian lifestyle suits Myself, Shawn and our daughter Alex best but sometimes we like poultry and fish.  Our son will eat almost anything but being a teenage boy he would rather have pizza and teriyaki every day.  I’ve learned to make foods he loves but much healthier.

I even concocted my own Gluten Free Flour Blend mixture that I use even when I’m not making something that needs to be Gluten Free.

I hope you try some recipes and then let me know what you, and your family, thought of them. Also, feel free to share my recipes if you like them! I even created a hashtag #cookingwithwendy you can use on social media to find my recipes or reference them.