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I am so excited to create my Music travel playlist

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I don’t listen to music much anymore.  Before we had kids I use to just love driving to and from work in traffic to my favorite music on the radio or on my CD’s.  I would open the sunroof and just blare the music, sing and drive dance.

It was aweseome.

Maybe not for the poor cars next to me stuck listening to my favorite mixes but to me, it was just relaxing, freeing and fun.

Music sets your mood, or at least it can if you actually listen to it.

As we’ve been purging I’ve come across old iPod Shuffles and MP3 Players.

Music MP3 Player
Music MP3 Player

I forgot about my old MP3 player that I had given to Sam a couple years ago.  He brought it down to me last night and all of a sudden I got excited.

See, I don’t like having music on my phone.  Never have.  I’m sort of a battery hoarder with my cell phones and prefer to use the battery up with apps, emails, calls and others such things like pictures and videos.  Music, to me, should be played on a separate device.

So, when I saw my MP3 Player I immediately got excited.  It’s been years since I had an awesome playlist of any kind or listened to music more than a few minutes driving to do errands or pick kids up.

Music makes me happy.  I’m actually listening to my new playlist right now and I’m chair dancing while typing so please forgive me if you see any spelling or grammatical errors.  My hands are pretty happy too right now.

After Downloading a ton of songs I also needed to make Ringtones for my new iPhone.

FYI, it’s a super ridiculous process to do so with apps, the iTunes store and your phone.  SUPER STUPID!  Both Shawn and I were like – are we really this ‘slow’? We’re supposed to be techno geeks.  We felt so accomplished like we figured out how to Snap Chat or something that only 13yr olds know how to do properly.

I used YouTube MP3 Converter to take my favorite songs and turn them into MP3’s.  It’s a super easy process and then I just drag and drop it on my MP3 Players drive that I connected with it’s USB attachment.

Viola.  My Music was ready to listen to on my MP3 Player!

My music stylings are my own.  We all may not ‘look’ like the music we love.

For example, I might look like a ‘rock’ lover since I wear Dr Martens and my hair is spikey and such.  You might be shocked to know that I just downloaded this…  would you have guessed that I LOVE 80’s Tiffany?

I needed to have a variety of songs that would make me happy dance, sing, lose focus on anything that might be on my mind, etc. and I’m sure that while we are travelling I’m going to want to just escape from the sounds around me; while walking around; on a plane or train to help me sleep or not throat punch annoying people around me.  Not my famdamily of course – but others.

I was trying to remember what I liked.  Isn’t that weird?  I forgot what songs I liked until I started searching for them. Then the rush of songs and bands started flooding my brain.  I’ve got a great start but have 149 days to add more songs.

Here are 10 of my Favorites in no particular order:

1. Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight


2. Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days


3. Hey Jude from Across the Universe – Originally The Beetles


4.  Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch Me


5. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself  (PURPOSE – The Movement)


6. Kid Rock – All Summer Long


7. Ke$ha – Your Love is my Drug


8. Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning


9. Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know (The Second Coming)


10. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

Okay, and I threw in another one because I can’t trim down my list…


11. The Killers – Mr. Brightside

Anywho, I’m in a SUPER Good mood today and while it could just be because it’s a normal day for me but it is most likely because the Music has made me happy.  Shawn and I have been singing… it’s not pretty but it’s fun!


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