Direct Sales Scam or Legit

How I got into Direct Sales

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How I got into Direct Sales

I think you have to be a little abnormal to get into Direct Sales and Succeed.  You have to think like an Entrepreneur.  You have to look at everyone as a potential part of your business whether as a customer, host, recruit, referral or just someone who wants nothing to do with my business right now but might just like me and will be my cheerleader and then you  have those who will never support you and think you’re crazy.  You need to have a tough skin, be a Self-Starter and must be willing to constantly get out of your comfort zone.

I have a strong understanding about why people do and say what they do.  I always have and then it just became a refined skill after being a professional recruiter for 11yrs – before my venture into Direct Sales.

Direct Sales Scam or LegitWithout going into my entire work history, I owned a national Recruiting company and I focused mainly on placing people within small and international law firms.  In 2008 my business went under with the recession and I was lost.  I couldn’t find a job that worked with my kids’ schedules nor would pay anywhere close to the six-figure income I’d been making.

We were drowning in debt and collection agencies were harassing us daily.  My parents had been with LegalShield for about 7yrs and were top associates.  With my experience selling, recruiting and knowledge of the legal field they offered me the opportunity to join their team and sell products directly and as an employee benefit to companies.  I was a natural but I really didn’t like what I was doing.  I promoted quickly but I knew this wasn’t the business for me.

About 4 months in to my PPL career, Shawn joined Scentsy Fragrance.

I was watching his cute little business get easy recruits and sales – compared to selling legal plans, selling candle warmers and wax is the easiest thing in the world.  I’m not saying that his Scentsy business was a cake walk but to me, from my view and what I was doing, it sure seemed like anyone could do it.

Fast forward 10 months.  I now really hated what I was doing and Shawn knew it.  He also needed help as our Scentsy business was growing like crazy.  In October 2009 Shawn asked me to take over the business.

I’m not gonna lie.  I wasn’t in love with the idea but, I knew it was something I could do, was fun, had products we loved and used all over our house and I just had to get out of PPL.

Just as an FYI, it’s a great company but just not right for me and what I wanted to do.  My parents are still top associates and it’s their main income.

I wanted a serious business to work and I certainly didn’t think that this business I’d made fun of and certainly didn’t take seriously.

Our Scentsy business was making money and Shawn really needed me. He was stressed out and he’d picked up a lot of the pieces over the past year. It was my turn to take one for the team and do something that I just knew I wouldn’t enjoy.

Isn’t it Ironic, dontcha think?

I wanted a serious business to work and I certainly didn’t think that this business I’d made fun of and certainly didn’t take seriously.

I fought the urge to LOVE what I was doing because it was too easy.

I always wanted to be successful and thought I knew what that meant.

I was an idiot.

For some reason I always thought that in order for me to be happy or to really succeed, that I’d have to build a large and respected business with walls and an address somewhere. To have people know that I had accomplished something and respect me. How dumb. I was ‘thinking’ normal. Own a big house. Have lots of money. Doing and having what I thought others would respect and think was considered successful.

One day, about a year later, I had an epiphany that changed me forever.

Dream BigI loved candles and scents; I always loved helping people find jobs that made them happy; I wanted to raise our kids and work from home; I wanted and needed to make enough money to support our family and I wanted FREEDOM to do whatever I wanted.  Direct Sales offers all of this and more.

The one thing that most ‘normal’ people don’t understand and many don’t respect, is why people would join direct sales and network marketing. I didn’t respect it either. I looked down upon others in this business and certainly didn’t take it seriously, until we ended up this industry ourselves and started finding success and personal fulfillment.

Isn’t that ironic? A business I looked down upon was the key to my future.

How Direct Sales has changed me

I’m still ‘different’. Looking back now I can see how a Normal career path or even owning my own business didn’t really work for me. I now know it never will.

I know that you may be thinking that I look down upon people that have regular jobs. You would be wrong. I don’t. Most people I know are normal. I love having friendships and meeting people from all walks of life. I love that there is something for everyone. Most people I know are happy and enjoy their lives. They love their jobs. Where they live. How they live. They loved the idea of owning a home and raising their kids in a good community and sending them off to college. Actually, most people I know have gone to college too. Many are stay at home parents all the way to business owners of small and large companies and everywhere in between. I respect this way of thinking and doing things.

But it’s not for me. It’s not for Shawn.

Here are some ways that we think differently now

We don’t like the idea of working for a company making the same wage year after year while helping to make someone else’s dreams come true. We’d rather work as much as we can to build our own dreams become a reality while helping others do the same for themselves. Owning a business was super stressful and there was a lot of minutiae I didn’t like nor was I good at. Direct Sales kind of takes a lot of that minutiae away and lets us do what we enjoy and what we’re also good at.

We started travelling over the past 5yrs. Boy did we realize how sheltered we were. Shawn has lived in the Puget Sound area of Washington his entire life and I have since I was 5yrs old. Our kids have lived in the same community most of their lives too. Over the past few years we started to really get the itch to Travelling helped us realize that we wanted to explore and show our kids there was more to the world. Perhaps by showing them the world and taking a year of our lives in 2016/2017, they’d be able to see a much bigger vision for their own lives and where they wanted to live them. Stay tuned for our Nomadic Adventures.

For most of my life I believed that it would be selfish of me to move away from our family. Maybe that sounds bad but I know that I never even felt like it was an option. My guilt and sense of doing what was right overshadowed my urge to leave. Until now. I am 42 and I want to see the world. If I still owned my recruiting business I wouldn’t be able to just up and leave. If I had a job I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it. Direct Sales is one of the only business I can think of where we can still run our business on the road, in the air and on the sea.

Our kids are 14 & 18 and we want them to know that they can live anywhere and be anything they choose to be. To not be afraid of venturing off on their own adventures in the world and following their hearts. Maybe they will decide to come back here and build a life or maybe this will just be a place they choose to visit our famiiy from time to time. Our daughter could end up choosing to live in London or in Sydney while our son, right now at least, desperately wants to live in Los Angeles. We don’t care what they do as long as they are happy and fulfilled.

I’m not sure that if both Shawn and I weren’t able to be full-time Work from Home Parents, we would’ve ever been able to, much less have considered, letting either, or even both, of our kids quit our local public schools and instead enroll in online school. Not to be confused with homeschooling which is much different we’ve learned. Our kids both chose to leave our local public schools so they could work from home, have no more homework and focus on their passions – Singing, dancing and Acting. It frees up much more of their time and selfishly, I love that we get more time with them.

I have come to finally realize that I should embrace those who support me, and vice versa. Some relationships run their course. It’s okay to let them go or even die off. Some relationships will always be in your life and you can easily just pick up where you left off with one another and then go long periods of not being in one another’s lives. This is okay too. I’ve finally learned that it’s okay to be honest with myself about who I want in my life and who I don’t and it’s been enlightening, freeing and even sad to admit. I feel stronger, happier and I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world.

My relationship with our Kids and with my Husband are very strong as well.  What more could I ask for really?

Where we are Now

Make it happenWe’re great.  Planning our future.  Building an even stronger base to our business.  Helping our daughter with her new Scentsy Business (she joined on her 18th Birthday after 7yrs of waiting!).  Earning Trips and helping others around the world do the same as well as change their futures.  Planning our Nomadic year long traveling adventure that starts September 1st 2016.  Taking our kids to all their auditions, rehearsals, shows, recitals and just living our lives.  Working every single day with my husband in the seat across from me while raising our kids and playing with our cats!

If you have ever thought you were a bit abnormal, wanted more from your life or just needed some extra cash and fun – Look into Direct Sales.  There are tons of companies to choose from.  Find the one that appeals to you, is a product you love and then GO FOR IT!  Here’s a link to the Direct Sales Association (DSA).  Check out all the companies who have partnered with them.


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