Do you know how to properly use a toilet?

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When you travel in Asia THIS is par for the course regarding Toilets. Last night this was the sign in the Indian Restaurant’s Toilet (aka WC / Water Closet) where we had dinner.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to poop

In Asia, There are signs for every toilet.  Some have photos of the proper way to use, and Not use a toilet (standing on vs sitting). Many times I have to wash off FOOT/SHOE PRINTS from the toilet seats before using.

There are signs about NOT, under any circumstances, using Toilet Paper (many places don’t even offer TP so always bring some with you along with wet wipes as the sinks don’t always offer soap) and then tossing it IN the toilet. That is what those little baskets are for next to us…dirty paper.

As you can see on the photo, there is a Bum Gun. Not all toilets have them but when they do I’m always happy. You use it to wash your nether regions BEFORE using tissue.  They also had TP and a garbage can in this WC.

What I’ve never seen though is a sign telling us how to use a hole properly. We had to figure them out all for ourselves. Like how to use the water bucket…YUCK.

This is a bucket with a faucet…no bowl. The hole is where I’m standing. Not the dirtiest Toilet hole I’ve ever been in!

When there is a hole for your toilet there is ‘usually’ a water bucket, under a spigot, filled with water.  Inside that bucket is another small bowl or handled bowl. At first we thought you used the water to splash on you since there wasn’t TP but no…thats what your Left HAND is for.  You reach your hand in and get the bowl and fill it with water and then use it to flush your pee/poop down the hole. Also, poop hands have touched that bowl…DOUBLE YUCK.

What is NOT typical, and I think this is actually a first for us after 3 years of traveling…is a sign telling you not to poop đź’©.

Also, there are lots of beautiful bathrooms, water closets, restrooms, toilets, etc in Asia. It’s just more fun to gawk at the ickier ones.

What signs have you seen to help you follow the proper Toilet use rules?

Don Mueang Airport Bangkok Thailand Women’s Toilet Sign. Who theows Stockings in the Toilet?

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