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Elizavecca Korean Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Family Fun Time

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Okay, so this bubble clay mask came today that I ordered from Amazon.  It was only $10 and I had seen some of my friends post on Facebook that they loved it and it was amazing.  For $10 it was worth a shot.

My skin has been funky lately and I am willing to try anything to get it to stop being bajiggity.

4 of us tried it out tonight. Me, Alex, her friend Darian and then Shawn insisted on getting in on the action. And, all the instructions are in Korean so I had to search customer reviews to learn how to use it!

Watch the video and then scroll down to hear our results.  ENJOY

We all had fun. Our Skin feels very smooth and soft and even more firm – not itchy or irritated like some reviews said. We all noticed less blackheads and Alex said one of her pimples came to a head. YUCK – but AWESOME! We are going to use it for the next week to see if the results are even better as users have reviewed. Order your own Bubble Clay Mask today and try it!



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