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Garage Sale time – Our Crap is on Sale for the next 75 days

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We all have garage sale crap to get rid of right? Well imagine getting rid of most of your belongings and only having 75 days until it all has to be sold or donated? Why are we selling everything?

BLECH!garage sale crap

We’ve had a few garage sale days over the last month or so but I need to get moving A LOT faster. I felt like we would’ve gotten rid of more by now.

You know you’ve had garage sales and sat all day long in the cold, rain or even on beautiful sunny days – in your driveway watching people drive by.

My favorite drive by is the SLOW one. You know, where everyone in the car rubbernecks to see if any of your crap looks like crap they might want to take off your hands?

You make sure to lay your crap in such a way as to profile the best crap you have so it can be more easily seen from in a car – going slowly.

If you are good at selling you know that Tools, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Kids toys and Electronics are big sellers and always asked about. Put them out Front and you will have less drive by’s and more visitors at your Garage Sale.

BUT, what do you do when you’ve now sold most of that stuff and you are only putting out – the crap.

I mean, it’s not really crap but I’m not about to donate everything without trying to add to our travel funds you know?

It’s exciting when one of those cars goes past you, reverses and then pulls into your drive AND they get out of their car!

WAHOO! Take my crap. Please!

Make me an offer. Everything MUST go!

Now, don’t get it twisted, the GOOD stuff is being sold individually on several sites, because I’m not taking a Quarter for my camera, capiche?

So it really is all the odds and ends and random things that aren’t really valuable but it’s stuff you might want or also have an abundance of in your home already. For crying out loud, we have 2 games of LIFE?  How the hell did that happen?

garage sale crap
Who needs 2 Games of Life?

We are going to keep a storage unit for some of our kids stuff and just a few things we plan on keeping for ourselves like my KitchenAid mixer.

I don’t want to keep all this Christmas Crap in there though. This isn’t our ‘good stuff’ but just some of the extra stuff we’ve had for years. No one bought a single Christmas item so I’m now going to try and sell it in 2 boxes for one low price. I know that some people will love our Christmas crap.garage sale christmas crap

And then there is that whole – What? I paid $15 for EACH of these decorative platters. 6 in total. Perfect Condition. There are even price tags on a few of their bases. That’ $90 worth of platters that I am trying to sell for $25 but will probably end up parting with them for like 6 bucks! garage sale crap decorative platters

Most of you reading this aren’t trying to sell and get rid of everything you own like we are but, it really makes you take stock of your life.

Most of the ‘stuff’ we have purchased and held onto only hold a personal value, but certainly not a monetary value or what YOU value your things for.

I am SO glad we are going Nomadic because we are just surrounded by stuff that we just don’t need.

Our eyes have been opened even further than they were when we decided to change our lifestyle.

Okay, Here’s to becoming a garage sale queen over the next 75 days.

Wish us luck!


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