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Guess who got her 1st Leading Role in a Musical?

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Help us in Congratulating Alex.

Finally, this kid got her first leading role in a musical.  And she’s a Female in it!  She will be playing the role of Aunt Spiker.  She is a Villain in the show. If you’d like spoilers on who she is and her role in the show check out this Disney Wiki

This is her first big deal on stage.  Why?  She doesn’t look like an ingenue.  She sings with a crazy range that makes her great to put in an ensemble to make them stronger.  She can sing low enough to add bulk to the male section but can belt a high G and make a female ensemble really strong. And, add to that, she’s a great character actress and can play a cow like nobody’s business.  She has played more male roles than female thus far.  She reads very very young when auditioning for adult shows so that’s been an issue.  She looks like a baby compared to any other adult in the room.  It’s ridiculous when we go to auditions and even some 16yr olds she’s around look more mature.

She knows she’s been in an uphill battle.  This year her voice work has really gone to a new level.  She’s focused on becoming a better dancer.  She’s taking more risks with her acting and breaking down her walls.

This is all very personal isn’t it?  You put your looks, voice, personality, acting, and dance skills out there to be judged in a less than 5 minute audition.  That’s it.  That’s your shot.  Even if you kill it, you may not be what they are looking for.

It’s not like in a game where you know you got the point because the ball was kicked in the net.  You may not know for months if you were right for the part you wanted or any part for that matter.

But she never gives up.  She keeps auditioning and putting herself out there.

Some performers never get a lead.  Some expect leads and turn down parts if it’s not the lead.  Then there’s everyone else in between.  There are always less leads than supporting parts and ensemble.

You’ll never get any part though if you don’t audition right?

You never know exactly what direction the team is wanting to go with.  Did you over act?  Under Act?  Did you stand out at all?  When you hit that note did they hear how perfect it was or on the flip side – that you went too sharp or flat? The accompanist is going too fast or too slow – I’m running out of breath on that note! Yeah, you got a call back!  Crap! What if I don’t pick up the music or dancing fast enough?  Was the character choice I made for the part what they are looking for? YES!  I’ve got this.  Uh Oh, These other girls are killing it, I hope I am holding my own.  ARRRGGGGHHHH and Awesome all at once!  You just never know if what you’re putting out there is what the Production Team deciding wants.

As a parent, you just have to be there for your kid. Encourage them. Support them. Listen to them. Give them tough talk. Lots of hugs. Deal with them singing their lungs out at all hours while you are trying to work – the struggle is real. And drive them – everywhere. Being an Uber driver would be a great way to make some dough to pay for all the miles back and forth to auditions, rehearsals and shows.
Village Theatre leading role

Village Theatre Kidstage is a world renowned program and theatre.  It’s a special place for both our kids as they have been going there since they were each very little.  They’ve been in numerous shows and have been in their institute program. But it’s even more than that.

Kidstage’s motto is “Skills for Theatre, Skills for life” and they are very serious about it.

It not just a place Alex goes for top training.  She wrote something for their big fundraising event coming up next week. It was about the biggest turning point she had while at Kidstage when she was 15yrs old and I’d like to share it with you:

I have always felt like an outcast, like I didn’t belong. I didn’t really have many friends when I was younger. I was/am different than my peers and I didn’t understand why… until I got to Kidstage. Kidstage is the reason I have friends and a second family. They helped me see that I wasn’t alone in being different, because all of us are different. Because of Kidstage I have more confidence in who I am and I am proud to be different. I don’t know who I would be without having been a part of this program. The moment I started auditioning in  productions at Kidstage was my turning point in my career goals, my friendships, and becoming the best me I can be. I owe a lot to this program.

So, to have her first Leading Role with Kidstage is really awesome.  It will always be extra special to Alex to finish her last eligible year as a Kidstage student and performer working her way up.  There is a TON of talent at Kidstage.  It’s no joke. Kids come from all over the state to audition and be in their productions and many perform currently and move onto performing at the 5th Ave, Seattle Children’s Theatre, ACT, Arts West and many other top theatre’s in Washington and around the world.

Anyway, I just wanted to mark this day for Alex and our family.  Congratulations to you on persevering, working hard and always keeping a great attitude during even the most challenging of times.

YOU ROCK and we couldn’t be more proud of the person you are and can’t wait to see you on stage!

Break a leg kiddo.


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