How to Find Lodging in Sri Lanka – Where we stayed and more

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When you are looking at visiting a foreign country that you don’t know much or anything of at all and need to find lodging – you start searching the internet for blog posts, review sites like Trip Advisor, asking people on Facebook if they’ve ever been there, etc.

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So, that’s just what we did. We got online and started researching the shit out of Sri Lanka.

Our search started with learning a bit about the country and what the US State Department advised about travel around the country. While I don’t always hold credence in following this advice to the T – I did take heed about going into the Northern part of the country due to the not too distant Civil War that ended in 2009. Google it to find out all about it.

I’d never heard of this war but now I have. That’s one of my favorite parts of traveling – learning more about the history of a country and it’s people.

Anywho, the area to the North did have some warnings so we opted to visit the rest of the country instead.

Here’s where we went:
Sri Lanka Lodging Map Locations
8 Towns in 30 Days.

Lodging in Colombo

We flew into Colombo from London. When we first fly into a country we like to stay a few days in a place in close walking distance to food and shopping as the first day or so is catching up with our jet lag.

CityRest Fort Hostel4 Nights, $303.60 USD *Breakfast Included

Lodging in Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia is just South of Colombo and the address can be a Colombo or Mount Lavinia one.  The beaches here are just ‘okay’ here and a bit dirty. There are some restaurants and one really awesome Italian one called La Voile Blanche – because it’s all white inside.

Tropic Inn Hotel/Hostel – 2 Nights, $106.82 USD *Breakfast Included

Lodging in Kosgoda / Bentota

Kosgoda is a very small, sleepy village less than 2 kilometers South of Bentota. While we physically stayed in Kosgoda, the address is actually listed as Bentota. There is nothing much to do in Kosgoda. No convenience stores, groceries, or anything else other than a Turtle Sanctuary that we visited. So, if you want to get anything that your lodging doesn’t provide in Kosgoda, you will want to visit Bentota.

Luca’s Memorial – 4 Nights, $156.00 USD


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