Raising kids to be polite

How to raise kids to be polite

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Our kids have always been super polite and overly thankful. This is how we raised them from the moment they could speak. Please and Thank You’s are requirements, not suggestions. You want something? How do you ask for it? What do you say after you get it? We drill it into them.

The past week this kid has finally started saying Thank you all the time and he’s added our names to it. As I was typing this he asked where his water was and I gave it to him and without prompting he said Thank you Mama. It’s second nature.

I remember both Alex and Sam had friends who almost never thanked their parents or others for taking them out to dinner or buying them a treat or their teachers for helping them or…whomever. That’s not to say they were rude kids or not thankful – still great kids and they were thankful but just didn’t express it the way we taught our kids.

Some kids were also similar to ours but they were few and far between. I’m sure that there are things our kids didn’t, and don’t, do that are what other families focus on and that’s totally cool. We all focus on what’s important to each of us.

One time I remember going out to dinner at Azteca and we brought on of the kids’ friends. After, Sam thanked us like 10 times and his friend looked at him and asked why he was thanking us. He said – because they took us out to dinner.

Now, to be fair… We didn’t go out to eat a lot. I cooked a lot as it was more budget friendly and I could control what we were putting in our bodies. The joke with the kids, when we told them we were taking them to dinner, was…you mean we are getting out of the car and going to sit down?

On the flip side we got the whole…your kid thanked me like 20 times for that ice cream cone…have they ever had one before? Sometimes they were excessive to the point where, Sam especially, would thank us way too many times for every little thing and we’d be like, Dude, we got it. Thank you. We hear you. Now stop the madness.

It showed us they not only appreciated things done for them but we also knew that when they were away from us we didn’t need to remind them to be polite – they just were. They’d maybe mess up in some other way though!

I wasn’t sure if we would be able to raise Sebastian like his much older siblings because of how we live now (full-time traveling) but this one thing makes Shawn and I so happy. If nothing else from his childhood is the same then I’m happy that he’s at least going to be polite and thankful – just like Sam and Alex


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