How we feed our Toddler healthy meals while traveling full-time

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Traveling full-time could be a challenge for trying to find healthy, as well as, just any food your toddler will eat.

We happen to be quite lucky that our 2 year old will eat almost anything including Sushi, soup, Indian food, you name it.

Being full-time nomads means that we eat out a lot or have to find food quickly sometimes because it’s what’s available. We face several issues while eating out all the time.

  • He’s a greater
  • If he sees French fries or pizza on a menu that’s all he will eat
  • He can’t sit still unless he’s watching a show and zoning out
  • He won’t sit in a high chair unless it’s his idea

Being a Grazer is our biggest issue though. He is happiest when he is busy between bites and wandering around freely.

He prefers to wander or stand while eating. He does not do well sitting and staying seated for the entirety of a meal.

So, when we are at home, to make up for the difficulty we, and he, experience when dining out trying to wrestle him to sit, I prepare him plates like this.

This particular plate has Hummus, cucumber, carrots, pickles and some rotisserie chicken I cut up.

His favorite on today’s plate are the Pickles followed by the Cucumbers. He did eat some of the chicken and carrots though so that was good.

I try to change up the items all the time because if I gave him pickles on every plate he wouldn’t eat other items.

If I place the plate on the table by his toys and and put on his YouTube shows…he eats a ton. A lot of times I also put out berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (in this order) are his favorites fruits. And apples. But I only give him apples as a snack.

Anyway, most of these items can be found in any country at a local store or even convenience store.

He does get lollypops and treats though. Sometimes when I just don’t have anything else handy that he wants in that moment he’ll get crap food like chips.

I do try though to have nuts and raisins and healthy non-perishable foods with me at all times but sometimes he’s a picky kid and won’t want it. The lolly’s are mostly to reward good behavior or to tame the beast when he’s overly cranky while out.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy while traveling?


3 thoughts on “How we feed our Toddler healthy meals while traveling full-time”

  1. I have found this to be one of our main issues as well. Although my girls are tweens, when they don’t get the proper nutrition, they act like toddlers!

  2. I love to see and hear about little cutie pie Sebastian, of course, everyone else is a plus! I love to hear all of Sam’s and Alex’s accomplishments. I don’t have the chance to travel like your family due to personal reasons but hearing all the stories makes me feel I am actually traveling with you all.

  3. I’d love a peek inside your bags! Like how you organize and what all you carry with you guys! I’m so amazed how well you do!

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