How we fled Poland and made it back to the USA

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Since our last post, a LOT has happened. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we were stuck in Warsaw Poland for almost 3 months. We realized that we had no place to go except back to the USA yet we had no home to return to so…

  • While in Poland we purchased a 2019 Winnebago Outlook 25j Motorhome (RV) from the United States in Texas. It’s 26 feet long and we should be able to take and park it anywhere without having to also have a tow vehicle. It took months to search for one and then weeks to not only apply for, and then to have an offer accepted on a Monday.
Jacquie with us and our new Winnie. I think we all liked tired
  • On Wednesday, Getting a flight out of Poland was an entirely different problem and I even had to go through the US Consulate to get on a list with LOT Polish Airlines. Even then I had to go to the airport 2 days after getting our loan (just hours before the flight left for NYC) to purchase tickets (the only way to get on the flight FYI) and then rush back to our Airbnb and get Shawn and Sebastian. 
  • Get back to the airport and on the plane and security and health checks. Booked our Airbnb in Jersey and our flights to Texas for the next day. I’m exhausted just remembering all the stress of these few days.
  • Still Wednesday in the states…After a long ass flight to NYC we got off and went through a ridiculous Health Screening at JFK airport where they told you that quarantining would be a good idea if we could. Um, okay.
  • Took the most expensive taxi ride from JFK to near the Newark airport in Jersey. We were tired and not on our A game and didn’t take an Uber as planned. I just followed Shawn who followed a guy to a big black Expedition and we got stuck paying $220 because we got suckered. Our bad. Welcome back to the USA.
  • Went to Newark airport the next day. No health screens and easy access into the airport – with masks on of course.
  • Arrive in DFW Thursday. Stay overnight in a Motel as Airbnbs were raping people on cleaning fees due to the Coronavirus. Very opportunistic methinks. 
  • Friday morning we head to McClain’s RV in Sanger, TX. They were great. The process was super easy and we even spent 2 nights in the KOA behind the store for free. If you can, work with Jacquie – she was fantastic.
  • Friday and Saturday we were spent with Jetlag and just the stress of everything so we just did shopping errands and slept as we had nothing and needed everything. We needed sheets, plates, pillows, food, and just…everything like I said. It was all exhausting but we had to leave Sunday to head towards Seattle and see our daughter Alex. We also shipped a lot of stuff we’d need for the RV to her. 
  • The next 8 days were a blur of me driving. 4-6 hours a day through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and finally Washington. We were all exhausted from the fast pace of driving and finding places to stay and park for free (to make up for that expensive taxi ride in NYC) and just getting used to being around people again while social distancing. Each state was different in terms of wearing masks, what was open/closed, speed limits, roads, heat (it was HOT everywhere) and getting used to driving. We didn’t stop by and see anyone along the way because we wanted to social distance and… we just wanted to get to Alex as soon as possible. She’d been stressed out and needed to see us too. 
  • Sebastian was great during all of our travels but he was also trying to figure out his new normal. He was happy to find some playgrounds open during this time as he hadn’t been to one in over 2 months while in Poland and iin quarantine.  
  • Shawn and I were arguing a lot during this time. We were both trying to figure out our new normal as well and… Shawn had a very hard time adjusting to being around people again. He was having social anxiety and was also worried about social distancing but also us needing to get supplies and just get where we needed to go. We are all good though now and back to our normal happy selves but it sure was a trying couple of weeks. 
  • Once in Washington we stayed at friends driveways. We are so Thankful to Cara, Jay, Big Alex and Blin for letting us Driveway surf. We really appreciated it. 
  • Spending time with Alex was great. She stayed with us a couple of days and then went camping with friends for a few days, came back to Seattle and picked up Alex and headed out for 5 nights of camping before leaving on our road trip towards Utah to see Dorothy and Rick and our Framily. 
  • Along the way to Utah we made lots of stops to visit friends And then… we sprung a leak and needed to get some repairs so we had to hightail it to Boise, Idaho sooner than expected. We again visited several friends we have there but weren’t able to see everyone. 
  • Some of the places we’ve stayed along the way are at KOA’s because many of the state campgrounds weren’t open or were only open for locals. We also stayed at Harvest Hosts, Free spots like Cracker Barrel, Walmart, a Rest Stop, BLM land and other Private Campgrounds.
  • We made it to Utah and had a fantastic 2 weeks there visiting Framily. Now, we have had our Winnebago for 7 weeks. 

It’s been a whirlwind. We’ve learned a lot about what we like and what we don’t. What we need vs what we want. How we like spending our time and how we don’t. This thing drives great and is way easier to drive than expected and we love our tiny little Home. Sebastian also has his own bedroom (over head cab area) and he LOVES it and calls our Winnebago his home…not our car. I drive and Shawn sits with Sebastian as I CAN NOT sit backwards. The only Child Seat that is appropriate for him unfortunately doesn’t have a seat with Seatbelts next to it forward facing so Shawn has to sit across from him driving backwards. BLECH. I’m happier driving though and Shawn plays his Xbox when Sebatian sleeps. It’s a win win for all of us. 

I will be sharing more from now on. I needed this time to just take care of business and settle into our new normal. Our plan is to visit all 50 states and also all provinces of Canada (when the borders open). We also want to continue our travels abroad and will park our Home with friends when it’s safe and we are able to get out of the USA again. For now though, it’s really wonderful to have a home and some stability while also being completely mobile. 


4 thoughts on “How we fled Poland and made it back to the USA”

  1. You guys are amazing! Cynthia and I are sending you lots of positive vibes. Been swimming 6 days a week (5:30 a.m.) in great outdoor pool at Verdugo Aquatics ($3)day for residents. Burbank YMC A is a petri plate and is thankfully closed.

    Just published an ebook called “Our Galactic Emissaries on our Fellowship website. Also doing a weekl\y Circle of Light Prayer Circle by free teleconfernce call on Free Conference calls,

    We miss ALL of you! B&C

    1. Thanks Bill.
      Glad to hear you guys are doing well and are still getting out and about. I’d imagine that the Burbank Y is a petrie dish. I’m even surprised it was open. What is the website of your blog? I was t to check it out.

      1. Juist getting caught up with your travels. Cynthia and I are amazed at your sharings about your on going life adventures. We are in a napdemic phase but at our Fellowship every day spreading Light and good energies. Just hiked yesterday 4 miles around Lake Hollywood with Mark from YMCA and his dog Roxy. Trails are open but not YMCA or 24 hr fitness.Still bobbing around in the Verdugo pool.
        Our blog(web site) is our Fellowship at
        Our monthly wisdom will be on it Nov 1, A Wisdom about the Current Political Melee from the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln .Not a mainstream observation.

        We miss you al

        1. So good to hear from you guys. Glad to hear you are doing well and staying active and healthy. Crazy times we live in right now huh? Next time we swing through we will let you know so we can catch some lunch

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