Exercise day 1

I have committed to exercise daily for the next 6 months

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Exercise isn’t my thing. I hate that you have to exercise – on purpose.  A lot.  That’s not to say that I don’t like Yoga or walking or even using weights or doing sit ups but I don’t like that I have to set time aside to do it or that I ‘have’ to do it.

Does that make any sense?  If I sort of just end up going on a walk to pick up the kids from their schools (when they were in our local schools nearby) I enjoyed the walk.  However, If I have to go for a walk because I need some exercise, then I don’t want to do it.

Like a petulant child.

But, That’s not really good for my health and body though now is it?  And, it’s a crappy attitude too.

My Walking and Exercise Partner
Getting ready for my 1st Workout

Every single day Shawn asks me the same question “Do you want to go on a walk with me?” to which I generally (unless it’s Spring or Summer) make a lame excuse to not go like “Um, I’m following a thread on one of our business pages that I need to be here to comment on!”  Every day he goes on 2-4 short walks. It’s been a fun joke between us and the kids but I know he asks because he’d love me to enjoy going with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that he asks me but I don’t like going on a walk unless there is a destination.  Like, if he said “Hey, want to walk to 7-11 and get a Slurpee with me?” I would be way more open to go.  Not for the Slurpee necessarily but because there is a place to go – a reason to go.

I’m not much of a nature girl or enjoy going on hikes so the idea of just walking – GULP – to Walk, seems stupid to me.

I do really Love walking when we are out of town though.  Even in a little town that isn’t exciting – it’s different than Mukilteo (the town we’ve lived in for 13yrs) and everything is new or different to us.  I will easily get lots of exercise without it feeling like I’m only walking for the purpose of getting some.

I want to see and do new things. Walking around the block every day isn’t appealing to me and again, there is no destination. Let’s face it, I’m not going to drive somewhere to go for a walk either.

Last Fall I promised Shawn, and myself, that I would make a daily commitment to exercise once we were exactly 6 months away from leaving on our year long Family Nomadic World Tour.

Let’s face it.  We’re both getting older and need to make sure we can walk all over Europe or wherever we may go and not be sore, winded, or just lagging behind with lots of rest breaks.  That would suck!

When we walked 14hrs one day in Rome 2yrs ago, I just about died with walking up the Spanish Steps – 3 times.  I thought it was 2 times but Shawn actually reminded me it was 3 times.  FML!  I needed lots of breaks because it was hot and also we just kept stopping to eat and drink and were more weighted down with each stop.  When in Rome right?

I need to build up my stamina and energy and make sure that I can keep going longer than the kids.  I mean, they need me to be able to go and go and I want to be able to kick their butts energy wise.  I can’t do that in my current sedentary state.

Anywho, Today is March 1st.  We leave on our Family Nomadic Adventure on September 1st.  Today is D day – Day 1.

My goal is to do intentional exercise of some sort daily.  Today Shawn was ready to get me to go on a walk but…there is a huge wind storm and it’s also been raining off and on and our power even went out for about an hour.  I was not about to go for a damn walk in a wind storm just to go for a walk!

SWORKIT App for Exercise

So, We decided to use my SWORKIT App – that I’ve only used once.  It’s a Free App the kids and I found while watching Shark Tank. It’s a Personal Trainer App for Daily Circuit Training Workouts, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching Routines That Fit Your Schedule.

We picked what workout we wanted to do and agreed upon a Full Body, Strength training session for 10 minutes.

If you saw how stupid we looked you would have had a blast watching us.  We both realized we were doing some wrong moves even though the guy on the screen was doing everything very clearly. Shawn doing the crab walk was super fun and me doing the Push Up Chest Taps was so stupid.  We were laughing while getting our workout on!

But, we did them.  All of them.

Maybe I’ll go for a walk tomorrow, perhaps we’ll do another SWORKIT Workout together or find some other activity that builds up a sweat.

Either way, I am announcing my exercise intentions to the universe so I’m held accountable.  I will take pictures of my daily routine and report back weekly with all 7 pictures.

Maybe I’ll start looking forward to my workouts or…maybe not.  We shall see.  Either way, I’m committed to do them daily.

Exercise day 1
Exercise day 1

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