It’s been a Year!

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As of Yesterday, we’ve been back in the USA a full year. We bought an RV over the phone, traveled to 24 states and then put the RV into consignment. In January we moved into an apartment with Alex temporarily because the RV was just too small and we needed an excuse to find a way to leave the country again. We are itching to leave the USA.

We are leaving indefinitely next month. Sebastian has given notice at school – he’s been in preschool since Valentine’a day and is going to desperately miss it and his friends.

We sold our car and are walking everywhere (well, more walking at least) and got ourselves fully vaccinated just so we could leave the country without as much hassle.

We don’t yet know where we are going since countries keep changing their policies towards US visitors daily. So maybe we’ll head to Mexico because it’s easy. Perhaps Spain, Italy and Greece. We could go to South Korea but we don’t want to be so close to Sam and not be able to go see him in Japan.

So, we won’t pull the trigger until a couple days before we decide to leave because we are impulsive and like to fly by the seat of our pants and because…we can.

Anyway…just thought we’d update you all so you can prepare for LOTS More exciting posts and crap from us and also a LOT more Sebastian’s shenanigans. With him gone all day at Preschool there’s less to capture so I spend lots time engaging instead of taking pics and videos when he’s with us.

I can’t wait to start posting blogs again. I don’t share much here because it’s so boring to post most things we do here on the daily.


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