It’s time to change lanes – again

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Last year I told Shawn, our kids and friends that I was writing a book.

I have written quite a bit of it and have lots of material that I’ve collected over the years. It would be a great book. Fun. Inspiring. Entertaining.

I even joined a special writers program to help me get all my ducks lined up. They were organized, supportive and extremely informative.

I had a LOT to learn…and did.

I realized, through the program, that I’m not ambitious anymore. I mean, I have ambitions but I’m not the workhorse I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

Do you know how much work, time, money, effort, marketing, etc. go into a single book? Writing it is actually the easy part and it ain’t easy!

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

I paid a lot of money to learn all of this and instead of being upset about it, I’m happy. I love how much I’ve learned. I love that I now know all that is required to be a successful author.

I didn’t just talk or even just daydream about writing a book. I put my plan into action but soon found out that THIS was not the path I truly wanted to take at this point in my life.

I’m happy to have figured out that I would rather just blog and put my daily stories on Facebook than write a book.

Also, and this is a big one, I can’t write about Sam.

He’s a major part of my life (obviously) and our travels so not being able to share his experiences or photos in our adventures wouldn’t really be authentic. This bothered me a LOT.

I also don’t like editing myself. I swear and say things that may or may not ruffle people’s feathers. When you are trying to build a brand, share stories and be yourself you also need to worry about cancel culture if you say one controvercial thing then your career could be over before it starts.

I don’t want to give a shit about about whether or not something I think or feel, and then share, will hurt my book sales or cost me advertising dollars.

I’m contacted all the time to review products for free so I can post about them. I hate this. I’ve done it and feel like I can’t really be authentic.

I’d rather pay full price for a product or trip and give my honest opinion, good or bad, instead of pulling punches so I can continue getting freebies…which aren’t even free as you have to pay taxes on them.

So… all of this is to share that I have changed lanes. I miss blogging. I miss just saying whatever the hell I think whenever I think it.

I have decided to abstain from doing so on Facebook but will continue to do so here. Facebook is just for fluff and fun and pictures and videos I can look back on and…to keep up with people I care about.

I don’t care about getting famous, paid or published. I love my life and the people in it and make that I also speak for a certain group who need and want to hear the things I like to share.

I love sharing our travels, Sebastian growing up, the stupid shit they happens to us and around us that makes us laugh. I also like sharing my thoughts – whatever makes me feel compelled to share.

Blogging publicly is my way of jourrnaling and releasing. I am not a diary person but I love blogging. It’s my personal therapy and my happy place.


3 thoughts on “It’s time to change lanes – again”

  1. LOVE this and it would be awful to have to leave out Sam

    Looking forward to your next post and ALWAYS love AUTHENTIC you, its why I adore you so much. I KNOW you ain’t blowing smoke up someone’s ass

  2. I can not imagine reading something from you that was censored or leaving the good stuff out. Go grab a fiction book and read it if you need fluff.
    Love reading life with full eyes as you bring us into the actual space and time. Keep being you and sharing Real Life, I love it.

    Following forever xoxo

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