Kinlay House Hostel Review

Kinlay House Dublin – Our Family’s Review of this Hostel

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We landed in Dublin and headed, by Airporter Bus, near our Hostel, KINLAY HOUSE. We had about a 15 minute walk with all of our luggage and crap (we were getting pretty sick of carrying around so much stuff).

We got there in the afternoon and were DELIGHTED by the location, staff and ambiance of the place.

Kinlay House in Dublin was the 2nd Hostel we’ve stayed in. Our first Hostel Stay was in Vancouver Canada.

It’s a big front entry area.

To the Right is a Huge Reception desk with multiple people waiting and willing to help you at any time of day. Usually only one person sitting there in the wee hours of the night though.

There is a big staircase leading up to all the rooms.

To your Left is the lounge and social area as well as the dining hall and kitchen where you get your complimentary breakfast each morning. There is bread for toast or for making a peanut butter and honey or jelly sandwich, cereals and milk, tea and coffee. Pretty basic but a great and cheap way to start off your morning with some carb heavy foods.

This is a social environment and if you want to meet other travelers then bring some drinks or take out your guitar and hang out and mingle.

When we arrived we went straight to our room.

It was up the stairs, to the Right, Through a door, down a few steps, through another door and it was the 2nd door on the right. Kind of an odd set of hallways but it was easy enough to get to.

The doors are all electronic and you get key cards. There are NO lockers in the rooms which is just fine for us as we travel as a family and book the entire room so our belongings are safe.

Our room was Ensuite (toilet, sink and shower). No muss and fuss. The shower gets the entire floor soaked though and the water pools for quite a bit before draining. There is no where to put your soap or shampoo besides on top of the Toilet water tank of floor so it would be great if there was something on the wall to use. The sink is tiny and the toilet was, well, just a toilet. This was all perfect for our needs though.

You can rent towels for 1 Euro each, which we did. Turn them in after or leave them in your room. It doesn’t really matter.

Kinlay House Hostel Dublin Ireland Family Room Review
Our room at Kinlay House Hostel in Dublin

We had 2 bunk beds and a small chair along with a narrow walkway from the door to the beds and in between the two bunks. You had to lean over to not hit your head in the bottom bunks. I chose o be on top for this reason as I knew I’d hit my head. The others didn’t have my vision and those on the bottom wished they had chosen the top. The beds are very sturdy and VERY comfortable.

Very small room – Intimate for sure. The beds were clean and the the comforters were warm.

There was a double pane window for fresh air and some extra light. The room sort of feels like you are in a basement so the window was great to have. Not big but large enough.

When you travel and stay in hostels you aren’t really staying in a place to hang out in your room though.

We had (1) outlet in our room. 1. When you have 4 beds and expect multiple travelers to use that one outlet to charge their devices you might want to add in a converter with multiple ports for perhaps 4 USB cables at the very least. We travel with our own but if each individual traveler had one then they’d have to be willing to share with their other roomies in Kinlay House.

Also, why no Lockers in the Room? Is it because they are too small. Again, We didn’t need lockers because our family booked all the beds in our little dorm room but If I were a solo traveler I’d prefer an in room locker instead of one at the end of each hall or in the lobby or some such place.

The Lobby has a lot of information about what is going on in and around Dublin as well as pamphlets listing different tours you can go on. We saw the one for the Cliffs of Moher offered by Dublin Tours (click link to read my review) and booked it for the next day. The front desk was amazingly helpful. They called and got us booked on the tour right then and we put down our deposit. We were given receipts, our balance needed to pay in Euros (cash) the next morning and our location to meet at for the tour bus – by an archway on the river at 6:45am about a 10 minute walk away.

We only had one real issue which was seen to immediately. There was no toilet paper in our room. Our daughter went to get it and tried to install it herself and failed miserably as it was kind of a funky one…you pull it out from the middle. She went back to get help and someone from the front desk came and set it up in just a minute.

We HIGHLY recommend staying at Kinlay House. It’s in a great location just a short walk to the Temple Bar area, the College, government buildings, the River, cheap as well as fine dining, pubs. sights like Molly Malone’s statue, shops and basically all you need. We didn’t hop a single bus or taxi around town.

We felt very safe, even walking around late in the evening and in the very early morning. Like in any city, be smart, walk down streets with lights, have a buddy with you if you need one and smile a lot. Kinlay House area is well lit at night and during the day is very lively in and around it.

The Irish are a fun lot of people with a smile and lots of life and stories to offer so make sure to chat with everyone you can to enhance your visit.


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