Kolab Reservoir in the Zion National Park and… Spotting Polygamists

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We think that Utah is beautiful. It’s also the cleanest state that we’ve ever been to in all locations we visited.The mountains and scenery and even the bridges and roads were well maintained and just really clean and lush.We decided the day before we headed to this destination…to come here.

We knew we wanted to go camping for a couple days in Utah somewhere near or in Zion National Park but just sort of decided at the last minute to go somewhere off grid.We wanted to stay somewhere for free and found out that Kolab Reservoir was a free campground on a beautiful lake right next to Zion.

We had no idea if we’d be able to find a spot or not as everything at free sites are first come first serve so we had a back up plan if our plans fell through.

On the way there we discovered Maverik Adventure Club. They are a chain of gas stations all along Utah and on a couple other states. They were super clean and had great bathrooms, plentiful coffee and other fresh foods including breakfast burritos that Sebastian loved eating on our travel days. If you ever have a chance to stop at one DO IT. Fair gas prices too and great employees.

Anyway, I mention Maverik for the above reasons but also because it was the first place I’d ever seen Polygamists.

So, I’m in the bathroom doing my business. When I open the stall door to go wash my hands I’m being stared at, with mouths open, by 5 females ranging in age from maybe 8 to 45ish.

They were all wearing homemade green or rust colored long dresses with all their hair back in odd sort of braids… Not braid braids but kind of a bun braid swooshy thing.The eldest woman was now frowning at me as I smiled and said “Hi” and washed my hands. I could feel them all staring at me…

When I turned around I had to politely ask them to move so I could get paper towels. The youngest girl was blonde and blue eyed and she looked afraid of me. And then she stared at my chest… THIS was the tank top I was wearing. Lots of cleavage apparently thus the looks from the eldest I’m assuming.

My chest… As well as my BFF in front of Kolab Lake Reservoir

As I exit the restroom with all eyes on me…(no one even went into the stall I was in while I washed my hands) which was weird and then I immediately come upon a 12yr old boy in a similar homemade shirt in green and jeans. He looked like he was standing watch for the girls to make sure he kept look out. It just felt ‘off’. Then I see a young girl about 6 just twirling next to him and staring at everything.

As I walked out to the car after purchasing my coffee and breakfast burrito for Shibby, Shawn is excitedly looking at me.He nods, with a smile, over my shoulder at the truck with all the Polygamists. At that moment I named them Mountain Mormans. I don’t like calling the kids Polygamists. It seems wrong. Not that Mountain Mormans is particularly nice but it’s descriptive and I believe that this group lives far away from regular civilians…in the mountains. I know they are Fundamentalists just so no one tries to school me on things.

I told Shawn my toilet tales and he was so happy. It’s the little things like this that make our day. Seeing them was like having a group of deer walk into the Maverik and everyone looking at them like “what the hell are a bunch of deer doing in here” while the deer are all like…”we need to eat, drink and use the toilet too!” While giving everyone disapproving looks at our heathen ways.

Anywho…that wouldn’t be the last Mountain Mormans we would be seeing. We then head up to Kolab which I later found out was the name of a planet in the book of Mormon. Odd? Coincidence? Hmmm!

Anywho, shortly before we lose our signal we text the kids to let them know that they might not hear from us for a few days. Then we lost all data service until we came all the way down the mountain 2 days later.As we pull up to Kolab Reservoir we toodle around the dirt road around the lake.

We see multiple spots that look available and…a toilet!!! We pick the spot near the toilet with a great view of the lake and start setting up.Not gonna lie…without any data access we were kind of frustrated. We had work to do and not being able to reach or have the kids reach us sucked.

I mean, we didn’t have a problem with being off social media or the internet because we still had downloaded movies and games, etc. It just was unnerving to me to be so far away from any cell service. What if Sebastian got stung by a bee (there were lots of bees there) and he had an allergic reaction like Shawn did as a child? Or what if the car broke down on the way out? What if there was an emergency with the kids? My head was spinning.

So, we went on lots of walks and played a lot with Sebastian. We played in the water near the boat launch and He LOVED it.

Kicking the water

Then… One day we got a truck stopped in front of our site with a bunch of Mountain Mormans stopping to use the toilet. They were NOT there camping as we’d been all over and around the lake. No, it appears they were just there for an afternoon drive. It appears that a 12yr old boy was driving all the women.


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