Las Vegas visit with friends

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Sandy and Steve have been part of our Scentsy team for 10 years. We have gotten to know one another from yearly events and business chats over the phone for all these years but have never really spent any one on one time with them or their family.

They had so kindly offered to have us stay in their guest house several times over the years but as I’ve mentioned… We have never really liked the idea of imposing.

It’s so foreign to me how some people keep guest rooms and even homes so they can have people come and stay with them. They love visiting and constantly having people over.

Then there’s people like us who have never even thought of getting a big enough place to have an extra bed let alone room. Our home is our quiet cave just for our family. It’s where we can breathe and just be. If I want to be quiet all day I can be.

Anywho, we just dropped Sam off at LAX (again) with his Artist Visa in hand all all of his worldly belongings and shipped him off to another country for good at 17yrs old.

It was time to set off on our nomadic and homeless on purpose journey.

We decided to see as much of the West as we could before Shawn had to be at our yearly Scentsy Conference in Austin Texas the last week in July.

So many people had kindly given us offers to stay with them all over the US and Canada. We only had 1 month to see as much as possible before heading to Seattle so Shawn could fly out. I had decided to skip the event this year and take Sebastian to Seattle to spend time with Alex. So, we had to really be thoughtful of our destinations and time spent in each when choosing our path.

I messaged Sandy and asked if she could be the first visit on our trip. She quickly offered to host us just 1 week before we were set to arrive.

We headed out of town from LAX and drove through the Mojave desert. Not the prettiest drive in the world but way better and more scenic than the beigh bore of driving I90 from Spokane to Snoqualmie.

We arrived in the afternoon and they greeted us at the front door and were so warm and welcoming

Their guest house is attached to the main house but it is a huge 1 bedroom home with full kitchen and washer/dryer and family/living room. They also had a sparkling clean pool and lots of food! Just our kind of people.

Just kidding though. We are very chill and actually quite boring people. They offered to entertain us and take us around town but that isn’t what we wanted. I’ve been to Vegas at least 20 times in my life and know exactly what lies in wait.

No. Our goal was just to bond with them and their family and hang out. So, that’s just what we did.

Their daughter Angie and her hubby Joe and their kids all came by each night to hang out and play in the pool.

Sebastian had his very first crush on their granddaughter Chelsea. She is 6 and was so good with him. All he wanted to do was sit next to her, hug her or follow her around whenever she was over.

Sebastian and I got sick on our 2nd day there. Sam gave us his cold just before he left – thanks bud. I knew that it was setting in and I wasn’t going to want to drive the entire next day nor would Sebastian want to. She offered another day to recuperate and that did the trick. Our colds lasted 48hrs and we were good to go!

I wish that we’d taken Sandy up on her past offers to stay in her home. We found that our families got along wonderful and they were all easy relationships and conversations. We also all had a lot in common family wise as well and had some fantastic conversations that bonded us more.

Thank you Sandy, Steve and the entire family for making us feel so welcome. Sebastian misses doing spins and jumps into the pool and I even found one of those ice cream toys from your playhouse that he managed to sneak into his toy box (oops)! He still plays with it.

Can’t wait till we see you all again.


Found a tiny floatie he loved

They were pretending to be sleeping doggieS in their cage…

Loving their toddler table. He felt like a big boy


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