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M House Belgrade – Bed & Breakfast

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* We ONLY write reviews on accommodations when we either love or very much dislike a place. We did not earn any comps or fees of any kind for this review. We were paying guests.

When I booked M House Belgrade (or M House Bed & Breakfast) on Booking.com we had been in Tokyo, Japan for a month. We’d been staying in small Apartments and decided that when we arrived in Serbia that we needed some pampering by having a Hotel with free breakfasts.

There were a lot of properties with great rating in Old Belgrade but the breakfasts photos and the welcoming photos of the rooms are what made me choose M House Belgrade.

They have many luxurious rooms that are all beautifully appointed and of varying sizes and layouts. We selected the room in the photos because we wanted a big bed but didn’t need a huge space. Our room was next to the lobby on the main floor and noise was never an issue… ever.

As far as pricing goes, we splurged a bit and for 8 night we paid $410 USD. Normally we try to stick to a daily budget of $35 per night but some places are more while others are way less. For example, in a couple weeks we are only paying $25 a night for a place in Hungary so that ends up evening out our monthly lodging budget.

Also, we wanted breakfast included and at many places there is an extra daily charge for this addition so we were happy to find a quality place, in a great location that met all our needs.

Svjetlana and Mladjo, the couple who own M House, are amazing, warm, friendly and really love their guests and their hotel.

When I say Hotel I mean Hotel. While this is considered a Bed and breakfast you definitely feel like this is a Boutique Hotel.

There is always someone at the front desk in the lobby. The Breakfast each morning was fantastic. While there were the daily staples there was always something different daily to keep things interesting. We stayed 8 Nights so we definitely were here long enough to have both Mladjo (who is definitely in charge of the downstairs restaurant) and Svjetlana (who runs the show) on their day off and also when they left each day.

Their staff is warm, friendly as well as competent. Emma, was particularly lovely and so wonderful with our son. She has worked as a Nanny previously and also has a 3 year old niece so it was no surprise that Sebastian, our 2 year old, took to her.

Our room was ALWAYS cleaned daily and our beds made up and new towels delivered. We never actually saw any housekeeping staff…and that never happens. We travel full time and stay anywhere from Hostels to 5 star Resorts and can always see the housekeeping staff at least once or twice.

There was plenty of room to store our personal items in the cabinet as well as a desk to put our snacks and such. There was also a mini-fridge filled with items for purchase but asked to have them removed during our stay as we needed to store our own snacks. Svjetlana happily removed everything.

The entire place is sparkling clean. Our beds were very comfortable and the linen felt luxurious.

The showers were hot and the pressure was great. The Wifi Never disappointed no matter how many electronics we had hooked up to it.

The colors of brown carpeting, white walls and the touches of the velvet blue desk chair and bench really were pretty and relaxing. The room was super warm and welcoming but the touch of Blue really added to the ambiance.

Svjetlana even offered to take our extra bags that we’d unpacked an put them in their storage room so we had more space. They also let us keep our stroller in a back room so we didn’t clog up our room.

Also, everyone loved on our Toddler and were always so kind and playful with him. Each day there were other patrons around for breakfast, or in the lobby, but you never really heard anyone in your room which was wonderful and unexpected. From singles to families, we met all sorts of guests during breakfast…although most didn’t speak English.

Speaking of English. Svjetlana speaks great English as does her staff. I would say that Mladjo doesn’t speak much English but is always there with a smile and ready to help. Sebastian called him Grandpa which tickled he and Svjetlana. He’s not a grandpa nor old enough to be one but he really enjoyed Sebastian.

The building is very secure. You must buzz to be let in by the front desk staff and need to press a button to unlock the door to exit as well.

This is a non-smoking establishment but if you must smoke you can just step outside on the front porch or sidewalk. Or even venture into one of the cafe’s on the block which are all currently smoking.

The area has tons of restaurants and even has a sushi place next door. There are playgrounds everywhere. Really. This is a kid friendly city.

We got to chatting with Svjetlana each day. We truly love staying in family owned establishments instead of large corporate lodgings. It’s because we are small business owners ourselves and our entire livelihood revolves around word of mouth and our customer loyalty.

One day she even gave Sebastian a present. A cute little toy cell phone…which he hasn’t put down since.

She and Mladjo have two teenagers (a boy and girl) and the “M” in M House is short for Milic’…their last name. They opened M House Belgrade in May 2019 and it’s their baby. We chatted about living in Serbia vs the United States. Where we are all from. Homelessness. Food. Kids. Life. Business. You name it. Great short chats each day.

We love getting to know our host at least a little bit. We find that many people don’t bother trying and we just don’t understand that. We are all humans and can learn from one another and why not?

On our last morning we had more fun conversations and then Svjetlana ordered us a taxi to take us to our next stop, New Belgrade. Mladjo helped us bring everything to the car and we shook their hands.

If we come back to Old Belgrade we will be sure to stay with Svjetlana and Mladjo. They put their hearts into M House and we appreciate their service. Thank you for a memorable stay.


2 thoughts on “M House Belgrade – Bed & Breakfast”

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful experience. I also really enjoy bed and breakfasts or those that are family-owned hotels. It always feels more personal and unique.

    1. I agree. I mean…sometimes we like total privacy and aren’t really into socializing where we are staying and then other times, like this, we wanted to socialize more as we’d been in apartments for the entire month prior in Japan. Also, it’s a great way to get to know the locals this way.

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