Meet the Jacob’s

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We first met about 7yrs ago on one of our Scentsy trips to New York City. There was this redheaded fellow, Nate, who was chatting with Shawn on our bus to New Jersey where we were headed for a day of sniffing fragrances at one of our fragrance houses.

I don’t have a pic of Jana and Nate from NYC so here is just us in Times Square

Anywho, Nate was from Colorado and he and Shawn hit it off. I met him a bit later but we didn’t get much chat time in.

Later in New York, on the streets, we ran into him and a few others including his wife Jana. We were telling a crazy story of almost being arrested on Canal Street trying to get a bag for our friend Cristalena (I should write about that day!) And how we thought we were in trouble with some mobsters.

They were looking at us as if we were loons. We sounded crazy and weird and bizarre. I’m surprised that didn’t fully scare them away.

Fast forward through the years and we kept crossing paths and having fun, sarcastic and even witty exchanges. We would al seek one naother out make time o have dinner together or even just snea afew months at events to chat We all had a lot in common and our most bonding ties was our desire to try different diets and foods.

It’s weird and super Intetesting to me that we have all tried eating Vegan and have done the Candida Diet and even drank Turpentine!

We’ve done Vegetarian, made our own fermented foods and drinks, done gluten free and are all now trying to stay good on Keto.

We all are very insular family wise and just sort of like keeping our families to ourselves as well as our personal spaces.

When we told them we wanted to come see them they offered to have us stay in their guest room so we felt honored. They also live in Idaho now.

Sebastian immediately fell in love with their youngest girls Willa and Finley. They basically spent all their time playing with him. He was SOOOOO happy. They have 3 older kiddos – Eden, Jack, Emree and then their 4yr old son Bridger.

What I immediately noticed is how much all of their kids get along with and also like one another. For real though. I’ve never seen 6 siblings really enjoy being best friends with each other. It was really great to witness.

Nate reading to the kids and Sebastian joining in
Sebastian with his two main ladies Willa and Finley

We didn’t get many photos because we were just in each moment. Whether it was philosophical discussions, business, kids, drinking coffee in a Mormons home (this was a fun Convo) or kicking Nate’s butt at Scrabble (unofficially really because of a technicality but we all know I beat him) to just sharing our love of food!

The two days with their family and just finally getting to meet their kids (we’d already met Bridger a few times) we know that they are life long family friends and also, I need to beat Nate legit at Scrabble.

Thanks Jacob family! We love you guys.


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