Meet The Robinson’s

Meet the Robinson’s

Let’s start with the kids.

Alex Robinson
Alex is 21yrs old. She is a High School Graduate who had no desire to attend college as she would prefer to work as an intern or as a professional in Musical Theatre – her passion. She is a talented and accomplished Singer, Actress, Dancer, Director. She moved back to Seattle November 2017 and has been able to support herself fully as a Performer, Teacher, Admin Assistant and Director within g the Musical Theatre Community. She has a fantastic reputation as a young artist and professional and one day hopes to move to NYC and take her bite out of Broadway. She is a remarkable young woman and we are so proud of who she has become as well as all she is doing to pursue her dreams.

Meet Sam Robinson
Sam has been dancing since he was 10yrs old and singing and acting since he was 12. He is now 17. We moved to LA after Sebastian was born so that Sam could pursue his dreams of becoming a professional Singer and Dancer. Well, 17 months later, at 17, he moved to another country as he was given the opportunity of a lifetime. One day I will be able to share what he’s doing and where he’s doing it but for now, it’s all too secret stuff. He just finished School a full year early and we couldn’t be happier for all his accomplishments or the person he’s become.

Meet Sebastian Robinson
Sebastian was conceived in Cambodia and basically was active and moving the entire time we walked the world. He was born in Mexico in October 2017 and is just the funnest little ball of energy. He 1loves adventures and meeting people and seems to be thriving on the road.

Time to Meet the Parents.

Meet the Robinson's - Shawn Robinson

Meet Shawn Robinson

Meet Shawn Robinson
Shawn is a lover of experiences. He loves new places, people, things, food, ideas and having something new to see each day. After being in the same community for 13years and living in Washington his whole life, he was so excited to have an adventure around the world. He thrived on the road. He loved every minute of it…even the boring or stressful ones. He is the one who finds activities and things to do on our travels. I will tell you that he is a lover of Buddhist temple and seek every Buddha he can. The kids and I were just so sick of seeing them. I mean, how many damn Buddha’s do you have to see before you are done? Anywho, this time around with a toddler we are going to need to find new types of activities appropriate for him and Shawn is so excited for all our adventures coming up.

Meet Wendy Robinson
about Wendy…