Mended friendships and saying goodbye

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Cara was my best friend during all of Sam’s elementary school years. We met when our boys were 3yrs old and attended the same preschool. We became close over the years and would even go on family vacations together as well as a girls trip to Vegas.

I don’t get close to many people. I had other girlfriends but I was closest to Cara. I don’t open up well or ask people to help with my problems. I like to lean on just myself and family. That doesn’t make me the best friend you can have unfortunately.

At some point in our friendship things just exploded one day. At the time I didn’t understand what happened but looking back I can see that both of us had so much going on in our lives that we weren’t handling well and it was easy to use our friendship as a scapegoat.

Years passed and we had zero contact. 2 years ago Cara and I started following one another on FB. It was as simple as liking posts from one another that got us to a point where we ended up messaging.

She and her family were going to be visiting California and we were going to meet up for lunch.

That was the beginning of rebuilding our friendship. Fast forward to 1 1/2 years later and we are staying with her and her husband Jay and their kids when we came back to Seattle.

I am only sharing this bit of info about our friendship because it means a lot to me that we are not only back in one another’s lives but that we are closer now too. I feel like we are more like family than just friends. If she ever needed me I’d hop on a plane from wherever I was in the world and would be by her side and I know the same is true in return.

We spent a week with her family just hanging out, cooking and eating Keto meals, having long chats and playing with Shibby. My favorite friendships are those that are open, easy and real. That’s our friendship.

I also got to really re-connect with the kids. Georgia and I had lots great conversations. She’s a gorgeous girl but is also smart, funny and a really good girl. We also got a little time to chat with Gavin but he was gone a lot working. I also got to have some super cute conversations with Jay’s 6yr old daughter Justice. Such a precocious kid.

Justice and Shibby. He liked calling her Baby
Isn’t Georgia gorgeous? I took this photo of her. She got a modeling contract while we were staying with them and we had fun trying to get some good shots that she liked and approved of. Teenagers!!!

We also got to see one of Alex’s best friends, Rebekah. She has never gotten to meet the Shibbster and we love her so, we headed out to hang out with her for a bit. Shibby took to her immediately and she was even able to calm him to sleep. She will be a fantastic mom someday.

Rebekah and Shibby

One last family we had to see were the Estes family. We have always joked that we were family because Shawn is Part Filipino (like Jacqueline) and my last name was Estes like Chris. So we’ve always called ourselves Cousins. They invited us over for dinner and it was not only delicious but more than that, it was just great hanging out and really connecting. Just casual family time. Thank you guys! I’m so happy that Alex has you all while we are away.

Jacquelyn finally won Shibby over
The girls kept Sebastian occupied with a game of toss the ball
Keegan and Shibby hit it off right away

This was the perfect place for us to figure out our next step and what country we wanted to go to as well.We thought of lots of options like Thailand, Eastern Europe, Ireland, Portgal and even Japan. We looked at weather, cost of living, airfare, etc. and finally settled on Thailand. Sure it is monsoon season but we’ve been all over SE Asia in it before and we were fine so why not take advantage of the pricing and go to our favorite country on Earth.

So we booked a flight on Friday and we’re headed out of the country on Monday. I will share all the info on another post regarding our specific travel itinerary and where and how I booked everything.

They meant we only had another day or so with Cara and Jay and with Alex.

That Saturday we went to Alex’s Tweenland performance in Auburn and then went to our family friends home to celebrate their baby girl Emily turning 1. We were able to say goodbye to Alex and his wife Maria and talk about plans for them coming to meet us on our travels in the next few months.

After Alex’s performance
Shibby and the Tweenland stars
Family. We loved being able to Celebrate Emily’s first birthday and seeing Alex and Maria if only for a couple of hours. We’ve been friends for 18yrs.

We said our goodbyes to Cara and the family and can’t wait to see them all again.

Next stop was a hotel in SeaTac so we could fly out the next morning.

Alex spent the entire day with us. I honestly can’t remember a lot about that day other than just being with her and taking in every moment we could.

Leaving her is hard. Knowing that she had some amazing friends and framily close makes it much easier though. She has a fantastic support system close by if she ever needs it.

We were all doing great with not crying or getting emotional all day long… until Shibby gave Alex THIS hug…

He was hugging her long and hard

He’d been kind of jerky earlier so it was so perfect that he realized that this was not the time to continue that behavior.

Well, she started crying and then I did too. Shawn actually didn’t cry. He’s usually the first to go.

My baby

We hugged and said our goodbyes… For now. She will be seeing us in 6 months for a family vacay to see Sam so we all have that to look forward to.

The next day we left the country… Follow our adventures.


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