Me and my Muffin Top May 10th 2016

How to hide your Muffin Top

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Like I said the other day, I’m at the highest weight I’ve been in a couple of years.  Some of you are like – No Way, you are still thin!  And I’m over here like that’s why I wear my sweatshirt tied around my waist.  It hides my Muffin Top.

Today is our kick off of getting back on track and re-starting the Candida Diet.  Not necessarily because we feel like we have yeast overgrowth but really because it’s a low sugar diet and it works.  We feel our best when we eat in this lifestyle. We’ve gone Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free and any other diet you can think of – just to see what our bodies responded to the best.

Today I took pictures of me at 173.8lbs with my muffin top clearly showing. It’s not cute.  I hate that I let my tummy get to this point and my jeans barely button right now.  BLECH!

Me and my Muffin Top

Me and my Muffin Top May 10th 2016
Me and my Muffin Top May 10th 2016

Wear a Sweatshirt Tied around my waist forever or Lose the friggin weight?

My only saving grace right now is my Sweatshirt.  It ties right around my waist and covers up my muffin.

Me and my Muffin Top May 10th 2016
See how my Sweatshirt hides my muffin top so I can go out in public without anyone being the wiser?

This morning we went to a belated Mother’s Day lunch with my parents.  We went to Chinese and had our final meal before going balls out with our Candida Diet.  I had General Tso’s and it was delicious but… I had a headache after eating it.  I knew I would but I chose this meal instead of something more veggie based.  It’s a sickness really isn’t it?  Knowing that something isn’t good for us or will make us not feel good and still eating it isn’t smart. I’m tired of being stupid.  I know better.  But, this was really tasty!

General Tso's Chicken
General Tso’s Chicken

Tonight I’ll be making Sockeye Salmon with Veggies.  Nice and simple with some dill and lemon baked with a little basmati rice and roasted veggies.  No recipe to really share but it is a beautiful cut of fish.

For a snack later I’m going to make a berry and veggie smoothie.

WISH ME LUCK this first week as it’s always the hardest.



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