Murder Crime Scene Photo

A Murder has taken place this morning

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murder wanted killer cat
Caught with Feathers and a smug look on her face

A Murder has taken place at 7:42am PST.  I believe the killing happened outside but the body was displayed in our upstairs hallway.  The murderer actually ratted themselves out because they needed help moving the body to the location they really wanted to display it in – our daughter’s bedroom.

I was awoken at 7:40am by MEOWING.  Repeated MEOW, MEOW, MEOW and friggin MEOW at the top of her lungs.  I was in bed and I didn’t know which cat it was at first.

So I started calling to the meower.  Meowing back.  Calling Hunter.  Nope, nada.  It must be Maddie which means that she has killed again, and brought her victim in the house.

Birds are her favorite.  3 days this week Alex has found dead birds in her room but the great news is that her floor is spotless from all the cleaning she’s had to do.  I think that she likes that they make a mess.  Just my opinion.  It’s like a gift that keeps on giving – Feathers everywhere.

Somehow her bedroom door was shut and Maddie was Meowing so fiercely so she’d get someone’s attention to open the door for her.

So, I leapt out of bed, out of my warm bed into the cold air, to see what exactly she’d done.  I’ve drawn a crime scene photo showing where the bird was – surrounded by feathers.

I wasn’t prepared to clean up a corpse in my current state so I had to call downstairs to Shawn, quietly as to not awake the children, to help me dispose of the body.

I then had to take care of the killer.

It’s a delicate matter really.  She kills for us.  To provide and show that she is a skilled hunter.  So that we are proud of her.

Yes, I’m very tuned into cat motives and their psyche’s.

As the body was being removed I had to thank and congratulate Maddie by telling her what a good girl she is and rubbing her all over while doing so.

She appreciates my adoration and respect.  I appreciate her not bringing the birds into my room.

I let her into Alex’s room after and she was a happy camper.

crime scene photo of double homicide
crime scene photo of double homicide

The Plot Thickens

I find that the more love and attention she gets from Alex, the more deaths that occur.  These are crimes of passion I believe.

Perhaps Alex should love a little bit less… just a thought.

Upon speaking with Alex this morning she informed us as to the reason her door was closed.  Maddie had kept her up all night and here is her personal account of the THREE, yes (3) killings that occurred last night.




Happy Monday Everyone!


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