Mom's light mustache Technologically challenged

My Mom is technologically challenged and I’m her Tech Support Person

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My Mom and I have a solid understanding.  If she needs assistance with anything phone, computer or tablet related – I may talk down to or make fun of her whilst assisting her.  This has been our well known agreement for over 20yrs.  And yes, I’ve helped her with LOTS of these issues over the years.

She pretends to have a complex about my ‘looking’ at her as if she’s stupid but I don’t actually call her stupid.  Now, some of the things she has done may be considered stupid but she is generally a smart and capable person – except for when it comes to technology.

Let me lay out this latest issue.  For months now she has been losing emails.  How you ask?  She doesn’t know.  She thought it was because of her new iPhone but the tech support locally and in India know that it’s not on their side.  She has 2 AOL and 1 Gmail account that she likes having on her phone, access via her web mail on her computer AND she insists on having them all show up on her Outlook as well.

She would open up an email on her phone and then it wouldn’t show up on her Outlook any longer.  Basically she was going totally mental and she had me come over to resolve her issue.  She has been miserable and going crazy every time something disappears.  I’m honestly surprised that she still has any hair left.

To make a long story short.  I fixed everything for her in a calm, fun and friendly way.  I did however give her some looks and perhaps I might have given the “you’re stupid” or “of course that’s what you did” look for what she did on her Tablet.  People who struggle with technology and don’t understand it shouldn’t have 3 devices, just sayin’.

So, after she was all good to go and we had a few laughs she wanted to look at my new website.  The one you are on right now.

Anywho, as we were looking at things she saw a link I had for Periscope and wanted to know what that was all about.  So, here’s my video SHOWING her what my Periscope was and the end result cracked us up.  WATCH OUR PERISCOPE VIDEO.  It’s only 2:40 minutes long but you should watch the entire thing to see how she ended up with a light mustache.

I love you Mom.  We always have fun together.


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