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We headed back to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the 2nd time in 3 years! One of our very favorite places in the world. Safe. Great food. Kind people. Lots to do and…it feels like home. It’s a place we could definitely see ourselves living one day, well, at least for a few months perhaps.

Location, Location, Location

When trying to choose a place to stay for Shawn, Sebastian and I, in Chiang Mai, we first looked at location.

The last time we were here we stayed in the Hang Dong district which is south of the Old City and in a big suburb. It wasn’t easy to navigate for Taxis or Uber drivers as it’s a maze in there so we knew we wanted to be in a really walkable area close to a lot to do and eat.

The Night Bazaar Inn checked off that first box. It’s across the street from the large Nigh Bazaar, there is the Kalare Food and Shopping night market directly across the alley and the other busy Anusarn Market a couple blocks away. Also, there is the very large Waroros day market about a 10-15 minute walk away.

So much to do in this area just to the West o the Ping River and right off Changklan Road – a main shopping and connecting street in the heart of Chiang Mai.

The Price is Right!

Next up was pricing. I used to find a place. There were tons of wonderful looking places all over Chiang Mai for the period of time we were looking at, 7 Nights. There were plenty of places cheaper and also places way more expensive to stay.

I settled on the Night Bazaar Inn because the rooms and hotel offered everything we were looking for (except a bathtub for Shibby) and the price was good. It ended up being $37 USD a night for 7 nights. A total of $264 USD. Here’s the LINK on

I hadn’t actually looked UP at the building until the 4th day. Crazy right? It’s a very pretty Hotel.

Facilities and Amenities

Upon Arrival we took the Elevator to the 2nd Floor Lobby. We were 3 hours early for the 2pm Check-In so we needed to leave our bags with the front desk. I had to use the Toilet after our long Bus ride from Chiang Rai.

The Hotel Lobby Toilets are just around the corner. Upon going through the glass doors I saw the Pool to my Right, Exercise Equipment in the room directly in front of me and then the restrooms (Toilets & Sinks) up to my left.

Upon entering the Bathroom I saw these crazy toilets. I was in awe… an actual throne!

Could this Toilet be any Cooler?
Tour of the facilities behind the Lobby doors.

Having a really good living space is important to Shawn and I. Not because we need luxury or anything but because we NEED to work a bit every single day and we are in our room a good chunk of time. Working from wherever we are living at the moment and having strong WiFi are very important to us.

We also have a Toddler who needs to nap. Sometimes he naps in his stroller or on me in his wrap when we are out and about during his normal napping time but, he sleeps best in a bed. Also, Shawn needs to nap daily so there’s that.

The Beds and Room

We had a King bed with a canopy. The bed was comfortable for SE Asia. What that means is that most beds are firm…very firm. There was a little give so therefore it was comfortable enough.

Our Room Tour…before we got it all messy with our junk

We like a clean space but with a toddler and the fact that we are actually living in our room as we have everything we own with us, it can get cluttered and messy very quickly. Having a room big enough to accommodate us and all our stuff is also important. We’ve stayed in rooms the size of a closet as well as luxury suites bigger than some of the places we’ve lived so, we are really flexible but do prefer to not have to step on our things to move around. This room was big enough to do just that and have a desk area and a bench for Sebastian to play with his toys on .

There was a Kettle, tea and instant coffee/creamer, a large shower and bathroom (wet room) with a bench. There was a little stinky smell from the drains but that’s pretty normal in Thailand. At least it didn’t smell like Moth balls to keep the cockroaches away – that’s the worst smell (besides Durian).

The AC worked great and often a little too well. The Canopy was very pretty but we did lift it up over the top in order to watch the TV. We bring our own Fire Stick with us so we can watch programs in English and be connected to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We also had a small deck with benches and a wire to hang wet clothing on to quickly dry. We were at the end of the hall which was also nice. And there is this sign in each room…


Tip your housekeepers. They clean up after you. They don’t steal your things. They make sure you are happy. The housekeepers here have their own floors they manage and seem to work 7 days a week… or at least that was the deal with our Housekeeper on the 4th floor. She was fantastic. She would even clean up our personal cups, plates and utensils we travel with. She was always overly friendly and making sure to get down to talk to Sebastian every time we’d see her – which was often. We gave her a large tip, via Sebastian handing it to her (although he didn’t want to let go of the money) and you could see how both surprised as well grateful and happy she was. Good service demands to be recognized and rewarded if you can afford it. Even a gift or trinket is thoughtful if you don’t have any cash to spare.

Laundry Service

We like getting our laundry done for us instead of washing it all in the sink and shower like we have done previously. The Night Bazaar Market has the same prices as you would find down the alley so no need to price shop. They have same day service as well as next day. We used both and our clothes were clean and smelled great. They send out the laundry though so it’s not on site. Go to the Lobby and make sure you count out each item you bring so you are guaranteed those items returned!

Restaurant Staff and Daily Breakfast Buffet

The Staff were great. All of them. From the Lobby to the Restaurant, we were welcomed warmly daily and all staff made the effort to love on Sebastian. He had 2 favorites that he would hug every day…except a couple times when he was a grumpy butt. They were all sad to see him leave on our last day and gave him extra hugs and high fives.

The buffet breakfast was really good and was varied each day. We won’t stay somewhere unless there is breakfast included or able to be purchased on site daily – unless we are staying in an AirBnb.

Night bazaar inn daily breakfast buffet
Breakfast options changed daily which was nice.

Again, Sebastian loved the staff and they him. Great service really makes a difference when you stay somewhere don’t you agree? I like having a happy kiddo who’s well behaved and friendly but even when he’s screaming and being a jerky tantrum thrower… the staff smiled at him and tried to make him happy.

Review Summary

We would absolutely stay at the Night Bazaar Market again. We loved our time here and have nothing but positive things to say. We didn’t book any tours or travel through them but they do have a desk on the first floor happy to help and set that up. Just know that


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