Nomad Tattoo finished

Shawn got a Nomad Tattoo in Greece

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Shawn got a new nomad tattoo today while in Athens Greece. Scroll down to see the video below.

Shawn’s first tattoo was a horny devil on his Right bicep. Obviously, by his choice, was a teenager. He and his buddy, Phil, were 18 and wanted matching tattoos. Shawn chose the horny devil with his ass out because he felt that ‘players’, like them, would look cool these. Dumbasses! 😂

Horny Devil tattoo
Horny Devil tattoo

His second tattoo was on his right forearm. It is Ganesha – a Hindu deity. While there are many different things Ganesha represents, the most common is the removal of obstacles. 

Ganesha tattoo
Ganesha tattoo

Shawn got this tattoo when our daughter, Alex, turned 18. She wanted all three of us to get tattoos as our birthday gift to her. 

Here’s the post from that experience.

Anyway, this new ‘Nomad’ Tattoo was something that Shawn has wanted for a while now. At least a representation of something related to being nomadic.

While wanting to get something meaningful, which represents our nomadic travel lifestyle, he wanted something on his neck. 

Also, he wanted it on his left side, not his Right. First to even out his placement of tattoos on his body but also, if he got a word on his right side people would read it from the back of his neck forward which seemed weird to him.

He’s looked at all types of ideas for what he wanted but in the end he chose something simple and pretty clearly indicative of our lifestyle. 

What kind of Tattoo did Shawn choose this time?

Nomad tattoo with mask
Nomad Tattoo with mask

Shawn got a NOMAD Tattoo

While in Athens, Greece, we passed a tattoo place, Ritual Tattoo, Shawn went in and told them what he wanted and made an appointment. 

His artist was Stoy. Shawn learned he was from a small town outside of Plovdiv Bulgaria – an ancient town that our family has visited and LOVED.

Anyway, Shawn loved his time and experience not only getting his nomad tattoo but also his conversations with Stoy and the other artists. If you happen to be in Athens and want a tattoo, Shawn definitely recommends Ritual Tattoo.

Are you into tattoos? What kind do you have and are they meaningful to you? 


4 thoughts on “Shawn got a Nomad Tattoo in Greece”

  1. I have a huge Parrot on my back Ingot at 17 2 weeks after I left home! It was to show I was a Parrot head. Then I got a Mandala on my ankle when I was divorced. I’ve always wanted a Unalome next!

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