Sam all over my personal space

OMG! Get out of my personal space

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No Personal Space
He does this daily to me

Do your kids do this to you?

Mine do. All the time.  Especially my son.

At least 5 times a day (no exaggeration) I have to say “Dude!  Get out of my personal space.”

He’ll rest his elbows on my desk to see what I’m doing or get too close while I’m doing something and then I can’t see or do it.  He’s like a big dog who tries to curl up on your lap thinking they are a lot smaller than they really are. He’s a sweet dog though.

Earlier today I was working on a Training Video for our Scentsy Team and I swear that everyone was all Up in my biz niz.

Alex in my personal space
Alex in my personal space

Working from home is awesome.  It really is the best thing ever.


Sometimes, it would be nice to have a space that no one could just ‘plop’ into at any given moment.


Does this happen to you?

Isn’t it distracting?

I can’t be the only mom who’s like – get off me – with their teenagers right?


I’m super lucky these people love me so much and want to talk to me, be near me and even humored me for these pictures.

Anywho, Just wanted to share some photos of what they do to me on the daily while I’m at my desk trying to work.



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