local house sitting on 4th of july

Our 1st Local House sitting assignment in Seattle!

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We have been searching high and low for a local house sitting assignment to get some experience and build our sitting resume.

We’ve contacted some people but have had no response.  There aren’t a ton of sits in Washington and most are not during time periods that work out for our stupid schedule.

But… that was until I saw a short local house sitting assignment in the Queen Anne area of Seattle during the 4th of July!

local house sitting
4th of July 2014 on a Roof top in Seattle


This morning I woke up to an email from the poster of this local house sitting job saying that she would love to meet us next week.

See, it’s their first time using a house sitter as well as our 1st time being a house sitter.

She wants to meet to see how comfortable they feel and really it’s just a good idea.  I’ve seen that a LOT of house sitting assignments around the world really want to chat or meet prior to starting.

I was telling my Mom about getting our first house sit last week and she thought the idea of having someone sleep in her bed sounded HORRIBLE.  Like that just isn’t something she’d be comfortable with.  I told her then that she could in turn go sleep in other people’s beds.  She was even more weirded out by that idea.

To many people, the idea of staying in someone else’s home is ‘weird’ or ‘uncomfortable’ but to Shawn and I – and the kids even – it sounds FUN and Exciting to live in others homes and have temporary pets like Ducks, dogs, cats, lizards, goats, sheep, horses, and more!

This sit in Seattle is perfect for us for the reasons I stated above but also, the view of the 4th of July fireworks over the Space Needle from their home.  We hate sitting out all day waiting for 10 minutes of fireworks and then all the traffic and crazies out there.

This will be a nice little get away for Shawn and I to hang out in Seattle, do some work on our computers on the deck in the sun and play with some old pups who just need lots of love and potty breaks.

We can’t wait to meet this family, their dogs and do some local house sitting!

local house sitting on 4th of july
4th of July view from 2014 in Seattle



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