Our Kitchen and Living area Renovations in our RV

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So, if you don’t know already, it’s been 9 weeks since we made our way back to the USA, bought ourselves a 2019 Winnebago Outlook 25j – 26 Foot Motorhome to live in full-time and travel North America.

These are the stock photos of what our RV looked like when we bought it. Lots of brown. No colors at all. We loved the layout but knew that we’d have a LOT of work to do to make it more open, colorful and, just more personalized.

We started first on the curtains because our first week in We had one set fall off in the bedroom. I found some white blackout curtains on Amazon as well as some patterned curtains that I cut and sewed to help keep the heat out. We are going to replace the outre curtains as we don’t like them with our new color scheme though.

I’m not generally a crafty crafterson though so this was a challenge for me to sew. I ended up using a lot of fabric tape which saved my butt.

I do like the Mustard colored curtains I made from fabric we bought at Joanne’s Fabric that I put in our bedroom. The photos don’t do it justice but, since I also don’t want anyone looking at my needlework closely – This is the best shot you’re gonna get.

Handmade curtains in our bedroom


Next up, We decided to get rid of our Jack knife sofa. We needed more storage and the two sleeping areas outside of our bedroom and Sebastian’s overhead bunk only extended to 5 feet. Unless you are a small child or professional gymnast, you couldn’t really sleep on the couch or converted dinette area.

We had no tools so we went to visit our friends, Brittany and Aric, who offered to help us. Well, Aric was roped into it but he was a great sport and we couldn’t have done it without him.

The boys were responsible for taking out the couch, cutting away the upper half of the dinette facing the couch and then building a storage area and a spot to put a much longer (78 inch) piece of foam to make a long couch/sleeping area for guests like our daughter or even for one of us on occasion.

For some reason, the Winnebago Outlook 25j has very limited storage areas. It also didn’t come standard with an over or convection oven so I bought one. My only real rule for the storage area was that it was tall enough to fit my oven.

It also was VERY hard for me to let the guys build everything. I love this kind of stuff but Shawn does also. I insisted though that the Upholstery was going to be my job… I needed some way to contribute. They guys happily agreed as it’s grunt work.

Anywho, Shawn and I went to a local marine upholstery store, Perfect Fit, and found two colors we really liked. Shawn picked out a color scheme he really wanted for the interior. Once we agreed on how we wanted the cushions, faceplate, and the arm (only necessary for Sebastian to climb up to his bunk) we were good to go.

We also stopped at a local Foam shop, IN-EX Upholstery Supplies, and purchased our Foam for our base and backboard as well as some batting and for our dinette Seat and backing that we were leaving in place.

We then headed to Home Depot to get some thin board to staple the upholstery to. Again, I don’t sew well and we weren’t about to have anyone sew for us and spend even more on that. Shawn and Aric had already made a trip to Depot for all the wood we needed.

It took 3 days total to complete everything. We only really worked a few hours a day on it so we could’ve worked a full day and had all of this done.

All in all it cost about $1000 for all the supplies. We LOVE how everything turned out.


For our Kitchen, we wanted to take down the curtains we’d put up as they looked bulky for the space. We wanted to put a film on the windows for privacy but to still let light in. We wanted to get rid of the ugly wallpaper and tiles behind the Stove and replace them with something more hip and lastly, paint the counter-top and dinette table.

You can see in the original photos above how different this looks after. I’m so pleased with what I accomplished. These tiles are floor vinyl stick-ons from Lowes and I had to use the 3M heavy-duty glue spray to get them to adhere.

The Counter and Dinette table were painted with Rustoleum Counter Top Paint. We chose the color Rosemary. We had to cook and eat outside for 3 days to make sure it all dried properly.

Removing the Wallpaper was a bit painstaking but we did it and couldn’t be happier with the final results.

And finally, a look at everything all put together and clean!


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