Period Rules

Period Rules to Live by

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Okay ladies, this one’s for you.

When our daughter got her period we told her that there were some “period rules” that she had to abide by.  She, and I, follow these rules and we, along with the guys we live with, live a more pleasant life.

Period Rules to live by

  1. No being bitchy!  There is NO reason to allow yourself to be bitchy when you are cramping.  It’s not like anyone is to blame for your having a period so there is NO reason to lash out and use your discomfort, pain, cramps or poor mood as your excuse to freely be bitchy.  PERIOD!  See #2 below.  Do you really think you’ll have any friends left if you are a bitch for over 2000 days?  I don’t think so.
  2. Life goes on so get on with it!  No sleeping in when you have a heavy flow, are crampy or extra tired – because of your period.  Again, all girls and women have periods (or will have them) for at least 30-40 years.  If you get yours once a month then you will have 360 weeks over a 30yr period of – having your period.  If an average period lasts 6 days that’s 2,160 Days of your life that you will ‘lose’ if you don’t figure out how to deal.
  3. Pay attention to your body!  Your period shouldn’t really be a surprise.  There are all these awesome tracker apps you can use on your phone to track your personal patterns.  Your body is the best ‘tell’ however so tune into your body. Do you bloat?  Crave certain foods right before it starts?  Gassier than normal? Stinky ‘down there’?  Again, get to know yourself well.  Every body is different.
  4. Dispose of your toiletries properly!  I use the Diva Cup (best invention ever!) but if you use Tampons or Pads of some sort – please don’t leave them on the floor, loose on ‘top’ of the garbage can, or all the other disgusting ways women haven’t disposed of things properly in public restrooms.  Be clean and not a disgusting pig!
  5. It’s okay to cry, just know why you’re doing it! I don’t get emotional from my period but our daughter does.  She cries at least once each month and it’s always a surprise to her as to why she is emotional and doesn’t know why.  Then, I remind her that she’s on her period and she quickly moves on and feels better.  Don’t forget this each month.  Write down in a journal or something if you always cry or crave something so that light bulb pops on and you can acknowledge it and move on with your day and life.
  6. Refer back to #1 above – no being bitchy BUT… resting bitch face is a real thing.

Right now, I’m writing this because I’m SUPER crampy and on day 3.  Normally I have light cramps and such but today – OMG.  I have a cold and massive cramps and gas (painting a pretty picture huh?) so I’m not a happy camper.  While I’m totally following all my rules for our daughter above, there is 1 rule that I think family members should know.

period rules wanted
Just because I have RBF doesn’t mean I’m actually mad at you damnit!
  1. Resting Bitch Face doesn’t mean I’m being bitchy – it just means I’m crampy okay!  So, asking me 1000 times if I’m okay when I’ve already nicely explained that I’m not feeling super well but am going about my business just trying to get through my day (rule #2) isn’t helping you or me.  Just smile and move on with your day.  Leave me be.  I promise that I will let you know if I need anything but really, there isn’t much anyone can do to help with my period. If having a bitchy look on my face is bothering you, don’t look at me okay?  I’m not mad at you.  I’m not in a bad mood. I’m just super uncomfortable and it won’t last more than 24hrs.

I hope these rules help you.  Our daughter has never once used her period to be mean to anyone.  Sure, she might have some heightened emotions or crave meats more than normal and she may be extra tired during her week long period, but she has never been bitchy.

Make sure you set rules for yourself and your daughters so we can end period bitchiness.  It starts and ends with us ladies.


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