4 fun days on Perissa Beach in Santorini Greece

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My dream when I was young was to go to beautiful Santorini Island in Greece – where all of the blue dome churches and sunsets are located. It’s THE place you’re supposed to go right?

So it’s funny that finally, after my 3rd trip to Greece, we made our way to Santorini and I only saw the domes from our taxi from the ferry to our hotel on the other side of the island.

Perissa Beach, Santorini Island, Greece

We picked this side of the island of Santorini because it wasn’t on a cliff. The beaches were black sand and the waves are minimal here compared to other parts of the island.

My toesies are happy

Also, we haven’t been to a real beach in over a year due to the Pandemic. Isn’t that messed up?

We don’t think of ourselves as tourists. We typically don’t like taking tours and going to all the touristy places. I’m not usually going to seek out a spot to take the same photo that everyone else has taken.

Instead, we decided to just hang out in Perissa Bay. We walked all over the area and met lots of locals; ate at all kinds of restaurants (most have Greek cuisine and cater to English breakfasts) and; shopped at various convenience stores and markets. We had to wash laundry one day at the local laundromat – super sexy stuff right?

Well, to us it is. I mean, this is our life. We still work. I train our Scentsy team. Shawn works with our customers.

We have a toddler to teach and to play with and to show the world to.

Important tasks like getting basic groceries; lugging water from the store to our hotel and; constantly figuring out how to drag so much crap around without also having to downsize is serious stuff for us.

I’m constantly trying to figure out where we are going next, how to get there, pricing, etc. It’s a juggling act and I LOVE it!

What did we do in Santorini?

We took the Blue Star Ferry from Pireas (Athens) to Santorini. 7 1/2 hours, on time. We reserved a reclining seat for each of us on the Goferry.com website.

There are other ferries and booking services however, Blue Star seems to be the best one out there per locals. .

Our Ferry in the Santorini Port as viewed from above the cliffs of Santorini from our charter taxi

We also try to stay on some sort of a diet and walk enough each day to feel like we were able to get to know a place while also working off our meals.

Prepared snack from mom by the pool
Prepared snacks from mom by the pool

Sometimes Sebastian is up for a long walk and other times I stop part way and and put on the carrier to give him a break and give me a work out.

We eat out a lot when we don’t have an Airbnb, like in Santorini.

Our very favorite restaurant was the Aegean Safran. It’s right on Perissa beach and the chef is the owner and his son is the waiter. The presentation, quality, flavor and portions were all fantastic. If you are looking for a top notch meal on the beach, come here. We ate twice at Aegean Safran and should’ve eaten there for dinner every night!

Skip Dodo’s restaurant. The quality isn’t good but the staff is nice. Poseidon is good good. No complaints. Perissa Bay bar & Hotel is run by Nick and his family. He’s super nice and really cares about guests and doing a good job. The food is good and the staff is very friendly.

Our Hotel

We stayed at the Smaragdi Hotel on Perissa Beach. Super friendly staff. Beautiful and clean pool. Nice room. We had some issues with the AC and outdoor Tub but they fixed everything ASAP and also offered us complimentary drinks for our troubles. We would definitely stay there again great location with A 2 minute walk to the beach and restaurants.

Beach and pool time

We were so happy to just have some beach and pool time with Sebastian. We were supposed to be In Greece in March 2020 but because of the pandemic our flights were cancelled from Warsaw Poland (where we were when the world shut down March 15th) so to be here was just awesome.

Sebastian loving sp
Sebastian’s first time in the Mediterranean
Belly flop diver

and… we will leave here with the Belly Flop dive. You can’t get a better ending to a great trip to Santorini.


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